The $50 Haul (Seriously!)

6 October, 2009

Yes, I seriously had a large haul for $50, and not one item was a drugstore/low-end beauty item! I had just received money, and figure since I’m starting my new job on Thursday (go me!), I need some fun things. Problem is, I don’t want a ton of makeup-makeup. So the next best thing? Everything else.

First up was TJ Maxx-and they have an insane perfume selection. They have some up by the register that people get into more, and up there is where I found what I got (more on that later). In the jewelry case, though, there are other fragrances-Escada Ocean Lounge, Juicy Couture, a few refill bottles for the Angel Garden of Stars fragrances, and so forth. I almost got Pivoine Angel, but instead I sprung for the bottle of Salvatore Ferragamo’s Incanto Heaven, as it was $20, and I am very pleased. It is a fruity-floral, but a more sophisticated one. I can definitely pick up raspberry from this!

Next up, ULTA. First up, OPI was B2G1 free, but the only one I really wanted was La Paz-Itively Hot, in the matte edition. I did find a lot of OPI clearances though. I almost got I’m His Coral-Friend, but they had a lot of that so I got If The Fuschia Fits, which is like a lot that I already own but hey, it was cheap. I also got my very first China Glaze-I got Orange Marmalade, which is totally my sort of colour. They had a Pop Beauty Glitter Stix in Silver for $1, so figured that would be a good way to spend some money. I’m coming back once I have a paycheck to get some more things-some Bourjois Ombre Stretch eyeshadows, a BE shadow and a Smashbox lip thing that were on clearance, and so forth. Finally, I picked up a can of Sexy Hair’s Root Pump Plus. For BCA Month, Sexy Hair has packaged their Root Pump, Root Pump Plus, Spray & Play, and Spray & Play Harder in pink packaging, and ULTA currently has them for $6 apiece. Yes, $6. I will be stocking up. Total for all that, with $5 off coupon? Just over $20.

Oh, and a PSA: Jaqua has a brand new line out which is their “BFF”-Buttercream Frosting Forever. One of the fragrances is an orange. *drools* Also, if you need an extra-lengthening mascara, go for the Bourjois Coup de Theatre 2/1. ULTA has a deal where you get the mascara and their black/white kohl pencil for $25. Finally, it was downtown where I tried, at Daiso, to find a false eyelash applicator. No dice. I’m going to try some of the other Asian beauty supply stores tomorrow, to see if they have it, because I need one and tweezers don’t cut it. However, that same mall has a Trade Secret, and I go in, just to browse, and leave spending only $8 and a little change. I get three OPI’s for that price, though! I got DS Design, which is not my usual sort of colour but it’s good to have, and the holo makes it worthwhile. It was only $3.12, because it was 75% off. Then, for $4.24, I picked up an OPI gift set from earlier this year. It had Big Apple Red, a nice creamy red (which I do not own in OPI), and Black Cherry Chutney (AMAZEBALLS), along with a white card case that I will be using a lot.

All that for just over $50!


Now a mini review of the OPI Matte: These are amazing. It may just be the colour I used, but I got near total opacity in two coats, and it dries FAST. It’s not like Essie’s neons, which take 800000 coats to get right. Oh, no. Two coats with this and you’re out the door. I would certainly love the matte trend to become a regular thing, because I love the look. It’s sort of unexpected! If OPI puts out more matte colours, I would love to see them do Cabana Banana in a matte form, because that would be hot. I’d also love to see Friar Friar Pants on Fire and Teal The Cows Come Home, because I could just stare all day. This does have a bit of faint shimmer to it, but oh man, it’s amazing. I may have to get Gargantuan Green Grape and Alpine Snow in these, because I’m obsessed with the matte finish. There’s also new OPI Suedes, which I may have to try in OPI Ink. It’s an obsession, but at least I admit to it! And with my new job, that’s incentive for me to change my nails almost every day.

Here’s a swatch of the OPI Matte!



2 Responses to “The $50 Haul (Seriously!)”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Oh the matte nails do look interesting! However, it kind of reminds me of Stabilo highlighters. Also, since they are matte, do they feel weird if you scratched the surface of your nail?

    I’m impressed by the amount of stuff you could get for $50. I spent 192 euros (about $280) on MAC stuff today and it would have been more if there wasn’t a 20% discount on some items! That sum looks humongous now that I’ve added the numbers up. The euphoria has worn off and I’m starting to feel guilty but it’s money that I scrimped and saved from last month. I got the volcanic ash exfoliator and mask, Young Punk and Cinderfella MES from Style Black, Greasepaint stick in black, Feline, Black fire glimmerglass, two polishes from Style Black, a Chanel Rouge Allure laque and last but not least, Bright Future from Style Warriors (yep they still had it and it was the last one. I didn’t get it when it was released because I read that Crest the Wave would be “rich yellow” but now that it’s been released, it looks nothing like rich yellow and so I decided to hunt down Bright Future. The boutique I frequent is awesome, they have all kinds of stuff from long ago. I found Port Red 7 months after its release and I have 3 =D).

    • codekiki Says:

      Argh I hate you and your 3 Port Reds…haha just kidding. I rarely wear Port Red anymore now that I’ve found Kanga-Rouge. I love frosts, and the occasional lustre, but I’m an Amplified girl because I need that colour intensity. I LOVE the VAE and the mask, I wish I had bought the mask in full size but I know Tacoma has it, so I am good:)

      On the OPI Matte, it does feel a little weird at first. It’s not like scratching cardboard, though, not by any stretch of the imagination. I definitely will be buying more, because I love the finish. It’s an unexpected thing to see, a bright but matte nail. Not a ton of people are doing them so those that are definitely help to set that trend, and well…:)

      I totally made up for the scrimpy haul with a good $50 on two products. Yes, two. I got a Rock & Republic eyeshadow and a Rock & Republic gel liner, because I heard they were going out of business. Just the beauty line, not the fashions. It’s uber high-end but gram for gram, you get the same amount as MAC on the eyeshadow, and on the liner it’s a really good value, too. Plus the packaging? Way cool. When you’re talking $28 USD for a single eyeshadow…I shouldn’t have spent that, but I’m paring down my list of MAC wants dramatically.

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