REVIEW: Urban Decay Book of Shadows 2

6 October, 2009

Urban Decay has done it again-created a product that inevitably, everybody wants to buy. Apparently, the BOS from last year sold out in two weeks worldwide, and now that it’s out in stores you will not want to wait for this. I thought that I was going to be able to skip it-and I am deathly wrong. It’s not all a glittery mess, in fact many of the shades are on the smoother side! It also is insane as far as the variety goes. You have your neutrals, you have your brights, and you have some lighter shades, so that you can create hundreds of combinations. In addition you get your genie bottle of UDPP along with two liners, so it’s really a great value for the $48. Each shadow would equate to being $3 each, not counting the liners and potion!

The top row of shades features Perversion, Gunmetal, Ecstacy, and AC/DC. Perversion is a matte black and honestly, it ain’t bad. It’s pretty basic, but it’s not a blackest-black like how Zero is. Gunmetal is as the name implies-a blue-toned grey. Not the kind of shade that is an essential to me, but for a shadow box like this? I’ll take that. Ecstacy is a newer shade, and it’s very similar to Flash. It didn’t really photograph correctly, but it is gorgeous. AC/DC is one of the LE shades, and eggplant is very correct…it’s a dark purple. It does have a good deal of shimmer, but nothing that a good base won’t take care of.

The second row is a nice mix. Nylon is a dark champagne shade, and as you could probably guess, super-shimmery. Sellout is one of the nicest shadows in the box, and a permanent-it’s rich, creamy, and would go amazing with anything that one may own. Mushroom is a darker grey shade-it’s a black/silver-toned grey as opposed to the blue-tone of Gunmetal. It does have the glitter to it, but it’s not the worst in the box. Sphynx, I will go on the record, is probably the most shimmery of the bunch, with lots of actual glitter. However, the base colour is too pretty to ignore-it’s a rich, candy pink. I would buy this if it was released separately, and since I do intend to buy this shadow box…The third row is mainly neutrals. Half-Baked is a gorgeous bronzey-toned neutral, and one colour that everyone should own, even if they hate neutrals as much as me. Twice-Baked is a darker brown, with some gold shimmer. It is a very good basic, to me it seems sort of similar to Underground (a deluxe shadow). Midnight Cowboy Rides Again…no comment. It would be nice IF they took out a lot of the glitter. YDK is described as a “bronzed mocha” and it fits in very well in the row it’s in. It’s important to have a good variety of neutral shades in a “book of shadows” and we’ve got four very popular ones right here.

Finally, we get into the brights. Gotta love these bad boys! The first LE shade is Jinx, which is a bright blue shimmer and absolutely a reason to buy the palette. Flipside is a permanent shade, but one of UD’s most popular ones and thus it deserves a place in the box. Homegrown is more of a green, and still worth it-this is yet another one I’d love to see released on its own. Misdemeanor is the final shade, and it is so pretty that pictures can’t do it justice. It’s a dark, dark blue but one that is heavily green-toned.

With all those shadows, the lookbook, and the liners/UDPP, this is definitely one thing that you will want to gift…to yourself. It will sell out, so act fast, especially with the Sephora Friends/Family sale coming up.

Finally, swatches! The top row is rows 3 and 1 from the box, the bottom is 4 and 2.



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