Napoleon Perdis Divine Marchesa Review, With Swatches

6 October, 2009

All right folks, I finally got to see it! More than anything, this was a collection I was waiting for, and it finally arrived at ULTA…and I, to say the least, am neutral on it. While I feel that the quad is a waste, the Boudoir Mist is something that I like, and if you are pale and have been looking for foundation this is something you may want to try.

Let’s start out with the eye quad. It looks pretty in the ad-a royal purple, a royal blue, a white, and a black. But in store, I was horrified. The blue and purple are not only much darker than the picture, but they are loaded with glitter. Think Midnight Cowboy Rides Again-levels of glitter. Not to mention very patchy. I think my swatches will speak for themselves! The other thing, to me, is that you get about half the fill weight of a normal quad. You get about the amount of shadow that is in a MAC quad, but the regular NP quads are just stuffed to the gills. The black is a matte black, but it’s nothing to write home about. However, the white is gorgeous, but is it worth buying a quad for one shade if the others are subpar? I don’t think so.The BM foundations, on the other hand, are lovely. There are only five shades, and they do veer lighter so if you are a WOC (woman of colour, as they say in the makeup industry), Look 4 may be a little too light for you. Look 3 blended almost completely into my (very tanned) hands, so for normal wear I would probably go for either the 1 or 2. B1 is alabaster pale, so if you are frustrated with trying to find foundations and you’re on the paler side, head to your local ULTA and see what they can do for you. The cost is steep, but the lasting power is great-it’s a nice semi-matte finish. I may eventually get this, but not right now as $49 for a foundation is not exactly money I can spend.

Oh yeah, as promised…SWATCHES!


Center one is B1, then clockwise from top: Look 1, Look 2 (in circle), Look 3 (in circle), Look 4



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