MAC in Lillyland-7 Jan 2010

30 September, 2009

Alrighty folks, are you waiting for news of what MAC will be hoping you will buy this coming winter? Well, here’s a bit of a preview: MAC in Lillyland. By Lilly, I mean Lilly Pulitzer-the preppy fashion favourite, the “princess of paisley”, and one of the queens of brights. Needless to say, the moment I heard of the collaboration I had to hide my debit card, as I love me the brights! As stated in the title, the collection comes out in early January, but I am having to save money now because this may be absolutely amazing.

Unfortunately, it does not look like there will be special packaging. However, there will be a wide variety of items to choose from, including, as pictured on the page that I will link to, an eye trio in a floral motif. There will also be four NEW Lipgelees, some nail polishes, and other things to satisfy, or at least pacify, us brights lovers after the dark fall. Once I get more info, I will report back!

The link is here as follows:


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