MAC Dsquared2 Collection Now Available!

28 September, 2009

Yes, it is a Monday-new MAC Monday, to be exact, as we now have the Dsquared2 collection to add to this deluge of product! (AAAAAHHHH!) It’s a fairly small capsule collection, with items used in their Fall 09 fashion show. So here we go! (after I confirmed it more than 5 months ago)

Greasepaint Stick: The Black one that has sold out from Style Black is back, but it will probably sell out again. If you love this, or if you missed it, I advise you to send MAC CS an email and let them know that you want this back! Added to this, though, are two new colours of the Greasepaint Stick-B, which is a “yellow blue”, and V, which is a blue-toned violet. Still $17.50 apiece! If I am not mistaken, I heard that the cap or the end, not sure which, is a sharpener.

Lipstick: As far as I know, the runway featured one colour-Nude Rose, which is a sheer neutral pink. However, there is another colour that was released with this-Blood Red, which is a deep berry, and definitely a quintessential Dsquared2 lip colour. Finishes are unknown, and I will not be able to go see this for several days.

Lip Erase: This is permanent at the PRO stores, however this does have the special decal on it so consider it special:) It’s a flesh-toned lip balm that is designed to give the look of having erased the natural lip colour, so that you can apply lipsticks that stay true to their colour or get the most out of a Dazzleglass. It has no shine and no texture, which is a big boon for that. There is one shade brought out with this, and it’s Dim, which is a fairly basic shade. It retails for $16, and this is the one item from the collection that I seriously would consider buying.Tinted Lip Conditioner: For this collection, the Fuschia Fix TLC has been wrapped with the Dsquared2 for MAC decal, but other than that, it’s the same one that you can get any day. It retails for $14.50 and it has SPF 15, so this is something that is good if you’re outdoors a lot (gotta get that SPF, ya know).

Sculpt/Shape Duos: When I originally reported on the rumours of this collection, I immediately knew that these were going to be in the collection because the face look entailed a pale lip, a greasy smokey eye, and a sculpted, contoured face. Indeed, one of the big fall trends is a contoured face, which is a new way to get a natural-looking face that leaves a big impact. There are only two duos, as opposed to the four that came out almost two years ago-you get the Bone Beige/Emphasize, and Accentuate/Sculpt duos. If you can’t find your shade, MAC PRO sells the individual sculpting and shaping pans so that you can get what you want for your face. Each duo retails for $21.

Another quintessential Dsquared2 product? Black eyeliner for a smokey eye, and what else would you use but Feline Kohl Power? It is MAC’s blackest black eyeliner, and it is a super-smudgy kohl-based eyeliner which can get you the Dsquared2 eye in no time at all (okay, maybe a little bit of whatever it takes to get that nonchalant smudged look that doesn’t look whoreish). I haven’t tried it, but I seriously want to-but I know that these have made their way to CCO’s, including mine all the way up in Marysville, WA. Each of these retails for $14.50.

Finally, the 165 brush has been repromoted, and honestly, it’s a really good way to go instead of using, say, a 109 or something. It’s tapered, which means that you can contour and highlight with ease, and then use the side of the brush to blend. I was unable to buy one when it came out with BBR back in January (no money, yo), so if I get a job this will be one of the first brushes I buy.

And some sellout updates: Black Knight lipstick is sold out. Blackware and Blackfire Glimmerglasses, Baby Goth Girl nail polish, and the VAE and Thermal Mask are all “COMING SOON”, meaning that they will be restocked. A rumour I heard is that MAC actually bought a volcano, or at least access to one, for the purposes of getting ash for the facial products. If that is true, I would not be surprised, although it does seem slightly doubtful, if MAC makes the volcanic products permanent. Gosh knows how much people hoard them!

Like I said earlier though-I will not be able to get to MAC until later this week at the absolute earliest for swatches, unfortunately.


4 Responses to “MAC Dsquared2 Collection Now Available!”

  1. Sylvie Says:

    Hi! I contacted you once on MUA regarding a review you wrote, don’t know if you remember me, but I just read your post and I laughed very hard when you said that rumour has it that MAC bought a volcano. =P I wouldn’t be surprised if they were able to though, because the volcanic ash thermal mask retails for about US$35 in France!

    • codekiki Says:

      Why am I not surprised…MAC always retails for more elsewhere. Of course, you guys get all sorts of fun things like the Euristocrats lippies, and I heard rumours that the Asian markets have Goldbit and/or Casino (not 100% on that, though-I can’t read Japanese and the translations are absolutely abominable). Figure that the thing about buying the volcano, or at least the ash, is a pretty plausible rumour (have not had it confirmed, although I will ask around) because of the popularity of the ash products, and I could see MAC coming out with more, such as a cleanser, a spot treatment, and a few other things. I hope to have a review of the mask up soon, as I got a sample, and I want to see how it does in three uses. Preliminary review though-shell out the funds.

      Yes, I definitely remember you though!

  2. Sylvie Says:

    I have an asian exclusive lipstick from MAC called Relaxed that’s a very nude colour, though I hardly wear it now after going through about 30% of it. I would put it up for swap except that it’s so obscure, nobody’s heard of it. I panicking after buying it at a counter in Singapore and I couldn’t find the lipstick online. Then I went to the Japanese MAC site and I found it (thank goodness I could read Japanese) so at least I wasn’t duped. I’m definitely checking back at your blog for more reviews. I like how you often compare similar products without anyone asking you to and most of the time, reading them answers a lot of my questions.

    • codekiki Says:

      Aw thank you! I definitely do this as a service mainly to myself-ie what would I hope to read? What do I want reports on? I like to be informed, and I like to pass on the product knowledge. Too many times people get into blogging for the money, and I’m not in it for the money-I do this because I love to do it. I’m owned by nobody, and I only review products and lines that I am interested in. I don’t use drugstore products, hence no LashBlast overhyping. I just now got a job, so I can buy more products to review, so you’ll be seeing more in the near future.

      That’s interesting though, the lipstick that you have. There’s definitely a lot of interesting exclusives to certain regions/countries-I know there were some countries that had wider releases of the Manish Arora collection, but there the products probably cost a whole lot more, most likely due to importing them and what not. I think a lot of it though has to do with the market, as in what people generally like. If I were you, I’d hold onto the lipstick, because you never know when you’ll want to use it and if you don’t have it, you’re screwed.

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