MAC Style Black Review

24 September, 2009

Because I have a couple different groupings of swatches, there will be a separate swatch post-however, the point is that I did get to go and see Style Black today! Honestly, the collection will not be everybody’s cup of tea, however there are already numerous sellouts-each MAC store apparently got 9 of the Greasepaint Stick (but with more coming for Dsquared2), and the thermal mask already sold out on the MAC website. In fact, when I went today, there was one girl who actually had been waiting years for a collection like Style Black because she was obsessed with dark lips!

On with the products!

Lipstick: Black Knight is actually a Cremesheen, so that clears up the confusion about the finish:) It is very black and very pigmented, so if you want a true black lipstick and you weren’t feeling the sheer glossiness of Urban Decay’s Oil Slick, this is going to be the one you want. If you are like me and avoid dark lips (brights are where it’s at), this will be one to avoid, however stock up if you want a shimmer-free, pigmented black lipstick and don’t like the Halloween junk.

Mattenes: Night Violet is a repromote, and it is dark, but it’s more purple than anything. It actually reminds me of a Halloween lipstick that I got when I was 12 that I wore every day…yeah, not so hot. But this is way better because you get a lot more violet, and it’s that nice matte finish. This is one that I honestly would pick up for use on special occasions, because of the finish alone. Midnight Media, the other one, is a black, but it’s not as creamy/deep as Black Knight. I would personally choose this over Black Knight for the very reason that it is more of a matte, and this would be nice with a light colour layered over it. Neither of these are truly must-haves, and if you have a CCO around you Mattenes typically go there to rot.Eyeliners/Greasepaint: The black Greasepaint stick, at least to me, seems to be almost violet-toned. It definitely has some shimmer to it, and a tiny bit of sheen, but it’s not as glossy as I thought it would be. I would use some Pro Gloss if I wanted to get a nice, greasy texture to it-which I don’t, but some of y’all might want that. The Penultimate liner is a permanent liner, but it’s definitely a nice option to have. If I wanted to do a black line over shadow, this is what I would use because of the fine tip on the pen. Finally there is Smolder, one of the Eye Kohls, which is your basic black liner.

CCB’s: Black is, well, a basic creamy black. This would be perfect with the Mineralize Eyeshadows in this collection as a base, or even using this on the outer and then blending a colour into it, for a fun, creamy look. I find creams blend well anyways. Bat Black, on the other hand, is gorgeous and I think one of the standouts of the collection. It’s a burgundy with shimmer, and I believe eye-safe, so it’s one that could be worn on its own. I wouldn’t use this on the cheek because it is black-toned, but it’s still a very pretty thing. Both of these are permanent at the PRO stores, so there really is no reason to rush-buy these.

Glimmerglass: Blackware is MAC’s answer to the black glosses that YSL and Lancome put out last year, as this could probably be best described as a black Cremesheen Glass. It’s glossy, not terribly sticky (but yet still a little), and shimmer-free. Bling Black and Black Fire are very similar, in that they each have a very sheer black-toned base, along with pearl. It isn’t the impact that a Dazzleglass has, per se, because this is more about a sheer, lightweight formula as opposed to the DG’s or the DG Cremes. The main difference? Bling Black has more of a gold pearl to it, while Blackfire has violet pearl-and is actually quite pretty, if I do say so myself.

Mineralize Eyeshadows: Of all of these, you do have to watch out for glitter fallout, so a base is required, or just using them wet. They aren’t really all that remarkable, because it’s all the same base with different colours as the accents, unlike the Electroflash MES, which varied wildly-some were horrid, others, like Fresh Green Mix, were amazing even without a base.

As far as the nail polishes go, I didn’t test them out, but one of them had already sold out, and the other kind of bored me:( The thermal mask and the VAE will be another post entirely, which will be coming in the next week once I can accurately test them.


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