Too Faced Holiday 2009

23 September, 2009

Alrighty folks, we have our next holiday collection, courtesy of the fine folks over at Too Faced! The collection is the “Queen for a Day” and it features a lot of different palettes and sets, all with great values. I haven’t used a ton of TF, but it’s a great brand for the young, young-at-heart, and especially those who love neutrals.

And this first set? Neutral lovers rejoice. It’s the Queen For A Day set, and it retails for $45. Packaged inside a custom makeup bag with a queen motif, you get a great all-over face kit. Exclusive to this kit is an eye quad with neutral-toned shades, along with Free Love lipstick, a mini Lash Injection Pinpoint mascara, a tube of Too Faced Shadow Insurance (not sure if it’s full-size), a Snow Bunny bronzer (a striped bronzer with white, two bronzey shades, and a rosey bronze), and of course, the flatbuki brush. This is a great kit for a girl who is starting in makeup, and I think that may have been the intention. In high school, most of the girls I knew were more basic as far as makeup went, so a lot of the girls would love something like this. Not to mention, it’s nicer than some of the stuff they probably are toting around.

The next palette is the third installment in the Glamour to Go set. This is sized with the pocket or purse in mind, as it features 8 shadows, four lip colours, and a blusher, all in a handy case. The blush is a nice everyday one, and the lipglosses aren’t all the same-and the shadow colours are a nice mix of colours, including some brights (yay!). The price is amazing on this-it’s $19.50. Granted, it is a small palette, but it’s great as a fun gift for your on-the-go friend.A thing that Too Faced has always done was a line of products designed to be a play on popular Hollywood cosmetic procedures-hence the Lash Injection, Lip Injection, and so forth. This set, in a little silver bag (apparently), features four full-sizes: Shadow Insurance, Lash Injection, Lip Injection XL, and Wrinkle Injection, for $42.50. The lip plumper itself is $27.50, and the Shadow Insurance is typically $17-so if this isn’t a value set, I don’t know what is. Urban Decay’s primer potion stash is another one that can be classified as a stash ($60 something for all five primers-both complexion ones, lip, lash, and eye).

Another fun kit is the Everyday Glamour Kit, for only $34. This one is a lot of full-sizes as well, featuring the Snow Bunny bronzer, Lash Injection mascara, and Coco Comet Galaxy Glam eyeshadow, along with minis of Stalkerazzi Starry Eyed Liner, I Know You Want Me Mirror Mirror gloss, Shadow Insurance, and a flatbuki. It comes packaged in a little gold clutch that is perfect to be used afterwards-and the kit is worth over $100. This is one that is good for people who like to edge things up a little-I could see a lot of the same people going for this and the Queen kit, but I would say that this is because ULTA got their own exclusive (this is a Sephora exclusive).

A fun kit is the Glamour Revolution kit, which is another large palette with a queen theme. This one has nine of the eyeshadows in one panel, along with a handy sample tube of TFSI, plus three lipglosses, a bronzer, and La Vie En Rose blusher. This one is $39.50, but the shade range of the shadows (most are neutrals, except a purple and a turquoise) doesn’t appeal to me as much, so I’m personally hoping to find the World Domination kit (the musicbox one) or the Urban Decay Book of Shadows version 2.

The final palette in the collection is the French & Fabulous palette, and it features six eyeshadows and two bronzers. The shadows, for the most part, are on the neutral side (except for Mess in a Dress, which is a bright pink), but you get two bronzers: Sun Bunny, which is a two-parter, and then Pink Leopard, which is a mixture of pink, bronze, and brown tones. The palette itself is relatively inexpensive, at $28.50, so it is another fun gifty idea for the makeup fanatic on your gift list (as it is never too early to start thinking about that).

The products are currently available on Sephora’s website, and expect them to hit Sephora and ULTA stores within the next couple weeks.


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