MAC Style Black Now Online!

22 September, 2009

Yes, it’s time people! One of the most daring collections in MAC history, in my eyes, is up online-and boy, is it intense. Everything is black, or black-toned. This will be in stores and counters on Thursday, and I’ve got a VAE with my name already on it!

Now folks, onto the products.

Mineralize Eyeshadow: This time, the shadows are like the summer 2007 ones in that it’s not two different shades in separate halves, it’s the black and colour veined all together. I think it’s pretty doggone cool, if you ask me. These are $19.50 each, and from early reports I have heard that these are not the smoothest MES on the block, but primer+mixing medium use will certainly be a big help, I imagine. These instantly remind me of the Too Faced Galaxy Glam shadows, in that it’s black with another colour veining.
Gilt By Association-Black with golden-bronze veining
Young Punk-Black with pink-purple veining
Cinderfella-Black with silver pearl
Blue Flame-Black with blue pearl

Lipstick: There’s only one lipstick this time out-well, traditional lipstick.
Black Knight-Creamy true black (Now, it says that it’s a “cream” finish, but there haven’t been those in years. I would bet that it either may be a one-shot thing, or that it’s mislabeled as an Amplified)

Mattenes: I LOVE these lipsticks. They’re slimline like the Slimshines, but with these you get a retro-matte look and very good colour payoff. I lost my You Say Tomato two days after purchasing, thankfully the CCO has no shortage in them. They’re $14.50 apiece, and you do get less than a regular lipstick, however the wear on these is insanely good.
Midnight Media-Dense matte black
Night Violet-Deep purple grape (Repromote from Cult of Cherry, and I believe the original Mattene launch)Glimmerglass-These I would say are a mix of the Cremesheens and the Dazzleglasses. I imagine that they have some of the pearl of a DG, but not quite as much, and that they have a bit of the CS texture because it says that these are on the sheerer side, which is good since all of these shades are black-toned.
Blackware-Creamy true black
Bling Black-Sheer black with gold pearl
Blackfire-Sheer black with pink-purple pearl

Nail Lacquer: This has one repromote, two new LE shades. They look interesting, especially since a good black polish never goes out of style.
Nocturnelle-Black-as-night-black (Cream)
Baby Goth Girl-Black with pink-purple pearl (Frost)
Seriously Hip-Black with gold pearl (Frost)

Cream Colour Base: Both of these are PRO shades, so if you have PRO store access it shouldn’t be too hard in order to get them. These are definitely designed to be eye bases, and I find that they work decently with Mineralize shadows-although I do suggest priming BEFORE with UDPP or a comparable tacky primer.
Black-Creamy true black
Bat Black-Blackened burgundy with pink pearl

Greasepaint Stick: This is the first teaser of them, as Dsquared2 will be featuring two additional shades. This looks like a fatter Technakohl, in that it’s a retractable-form eye pencil. You can use this to create a fat line, or smoke it out easily. It supposedly gives more of a sheen than a greasy look, and has a hint of shimmer to it. They’re $17.50 each, and if you like smokey eyes I do have to recommend this-but me? I’m staying put.
Black-Intense black

Volcanic Ash Exfoliator: For many people, including me, this is the star of the collection. The scrub is formulated with the ash, which helps to pull stuff out of the pores and unclog, and sugar, which gently but effectively exfoliates. This is also good for the body, and if you have bacne (ie me) I would suggest getting a tube just for the body. Yes, I said tube-this time out, it’s a 3.4 ounce tube instead of the over 4 ounce jar, but it’s still just $19.50. This item will sell out very quickly, as it was hoarded by many during the original release with Neo Sci-Fi. I sadly can only afford one tube of this, but I would get more if I could.

Volcanic Thermal Mask: This was originally supposed to be released with NSF along with the VAE, but somehow it didn’t make it. There was also the case of a Paint Pot that was supposed to be released with Ungaro, but it never made it either. Anyways, this is formulated with the ash (which helps to unclog and refine) and natural oils, which help to lubricate and soften the skin, according to the MAC website. It warms up on contact with water, so this is another thing that would be amazing for acne-prone skin. I don’t really use masks, to be honest, but this is one thing that I would be interested in for more spot-usage. This will sell out as well, so act fast. Same price, same package size as the VAE.

Finally, there’s Smolder Eye Kohl, the Penultimate liner, and the 214 to go along with this brush. I honestly, since I don’t do blacks, can skip everything BUT the skincare. However, this is worth a look to see if anything would fit your style.


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