MAC Dazzleglass Cremes and Zoom Fast Black Lash Online, Too!

22 September, 2009

Style Black wasn’t the only new thing that MAC put up-oh, gosh no. There’s actually two other things that MAC hopes will get your attention this week.

First up, we have the Dazzleglass Cremes, which are as they sound. They’re Dazzleglass shine in a creamier, more colour-rich formulation that is designed to give the look that people WANTED the DG’s to have. There are 9 of these, and they’re the same price as the DG’s, and sadly limited-edition. Boo.

Anywhoo, the shades:
Amorous-Deep brown red with pearl
Creme Allure-Bright yellow plum
Do It Up-Bright blue-pink with pearl (could this be the better version of Ms. Fizz? I sure hope so)
Luscious Spark-Light orange with gold pearl
My Favourite Pink-Light blue pink with pearl
Perfectly Unordinary-Bright yellow pink with gold pearl
Soft Dazzle-Midtone peach-pink with gold pearl
Sublime Shine-Light coral brown with gold pearl
Totally Fab-Bright yellow red with pearl

The other thing that MAC has put out is Zoom Fast Black Lash, which is a blacker version of their Zoomlash mascara. Personally, I hate Zoomlash-both the formula and the brush-but this would definitely interest some of you. Blacker-than-black is the hot shade for mascaras (along with plum, which I don’t get WHY MAC doesn’t have a plum-toned mascara right now) and to go with your Style Black eyes and lips, you need the blacker than black lashes. A tube of each is $13, and these will be on counters Thursday. This does look to be permanent, by the way.


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