Danger Alert: MAC Holiday 2009

21 September, 2009

The collection itself is not called Danger Alert, but this may be very dangerous for some of you, so read at your own risk:)

Ever get tired of the same ol’ uninspired shlock that comes out at the holidays? Fear not, because MAC has really upped the ante this year. I do not know exact product names for everything yet, however I’m trying my best. And the brush sets? You will definitely want to give these a look, if for no other reason than to have some travel stuff.

Brush Set 1: This is more designed to be a full-face set, and you have, in SE form, your 168, 187, 209, 219, and 252. This one, I would get because I only have the 252 and 209 in SE form, and I can always use more. Both of the brush sets come in a little gunmetal-coloured zipper bag with a MAC bead and ribbon as the zipper pull, and the brushes look to be a basic black. (Yay!)

Brush Set 2: This is a whole new eye set, and trust me, you will want to give this a look. This has-wait for it-the 194, 204, 224, 266, and 275 in SE form. This is the first time, if I am not mistaken, that the 224 and 204 have been in SE form, and I am happy-the 224 would be nice for blending my larger looks, and I love my 204 to death but it’s a pain to clean, admittedly.

I would say that each of these will retail for $48, which is what the brush sets traditionally go for.

Do you like the little sizes? Well fret not, as there are pigment and lipglass charms aplenty for you-in fact, three of each! I doubt they are doing anything else, but honestly, pigments and lipglasses are enough:) I am not getting the general colour schemes on the pigment sets, although one of them, I am guessing, has Reflects Antiqued Gold (snore) and Jardin Aires (yummy). Another looks to have either Reflects Red, Reflects Transparent Pink, or maybe even Reflects Pearl. Again, don’t quote me on this. This is pure speculation based on what I can see. As far as the lipglasses go, there are three sets, with no particular theme for the colours-one is more pales/lighter colours, another is mediums, and then the third is a bit brighter/darker. I would NOT be surprised if Magnetique is in the third set, to be honest. Each of these typically retails for $29.50, however we will see as we get closer to the release date.

Next up we have the two lip palettes-which are neutral and pink-and then the four eye palettes-Devil May Dare (Warm eyes, one of the ones pictured on the link I will send), and the Sorceress, which does not have a theme as much but I bet it would just be known as its name. From the swatches, these palettes actually look decent. It’s a new shape, complete with the abysmal 213 “SE” which is less than two inches long. Seriously, on my Manish one I can’t use it without stabbing myself with my fingernail. That isn’t the point, though. There are two other eye palettes as well-the Smokey, and the Cool (Smoke and Mirrors and Mystic, respectively). Each of these palettes is using ONLY LE shades, so there are no repromotes. Typically, though, holiday palettes do make it to the outlet, so if you have an outlet nearby and you don’t absolutely need the palette, you can hold off for a little bit.

Finally, there are the face kits. Yes, face kits. It’s using the same sort of square shaped palette that the eye kits use, but this is interesting as the top actually slides out to the right in order to reveal a third powder! The first kit, the Hocus Pocus, is more of a pinks kit, and it has the one product that helps me keep my skin perfect: Pretty Baby Beauty Powder. It also features Peachykeen blush and Sunsparked Pearl Beauty Powder, with the main one of the powders (the bottom) being the largest of the three pans. The Fab-Racadabra kit, on the other hand, is bronzing, so you have Bronze bronzer, Sunbasque blush, and Buffed & Polished blush, all in the case. This is a very good gift, and most MAC fans I think will want one of these as it’s not only the first time MAC has done something like this, but it’s got a good mixture of shades. These will retail for $38.

The blog where I found these pictures is right here: http://haruhii.pixnet.net/blog/post/25032522 It is in Chinese, which I do not speak a lick of unfortunately, however scroll down past Graphic Garden and you will find what you are looking for!


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