MAC Trend FW 09 Mini Review, With Swatches

20 September, 2009

Note: This is only a mini review, as they did not have the quad or one of the lipsticks there. However, I did my best in the two minutes I had to swatch stuff!

The whole thing about this collection is bringing us things that are big for fall-and I think they did really well. The reds are always good, and the nudes are good with the smokey eye, which this quad definitely is for. The coral-red is an interesting choice for fall, but this fall has a heavy 80’s influence-and the purples? Purple has been big this year, period. This is a different way to wear it.

On with the carnage!

Our Pick: This is described as “cement taupe grey”, but to me, on my hand, it looked like many of the Euristocrats lippies. It is definitely not my pick (heh), but if you layer it this may be a very, very good lipstick to pair with a smokey eye. I don’t see it as just a trendy one, although the grey tones will definitely make it very off-putting. Oh, and it’s a Satin. I hate the Satins-they’re really, really drying.
Hipster-Mmm, frost. This is described as a burgundy with frost, and it is absolutely gorgeous. I almost think of it as a step between Sci-Fi-Delity and Kiss Manish, but it is absolutely gorgeous and I would definitely be buying it, if I had the funds. Coverage is really good-of the frosts that I have, the only real dud is Costa Chic (which separates on my lips-could be the batch, but I dunno), and this is among the best of the best of what I have tried. It is dark, but if you’re somebody who has been scared of the red lip, try this one out-a frost, to me, is a fairly non-intimidating way of working it.
Faultlessly FW-First of all, I have to give kudos to MAC for the following reason: A lipstick like this, with the colour it has, could have been made in lustre or glaze form, in order to make it “more universally wearable”. But that is NOT the case-they made it as an Amplified, and boy, is it intense. Aside from Style Black, this is one of the most intense, out-there lippies that MAC has put out since, oh, Blast o’ Blue. Two words to describe it: blackened purple. This is not for the faint of heart. If I had the funds, this is a lipstick I would buy for the sake of having it in my collection/kit-it’s out of this world insane, and yet gorgeous too. Because it’s an AC, the staying power is definitely there. Lipglasses
Runway Fave-To me, this just seems to blend with a lot of the other glosses that have come out this year. It doesn’t have anything really special that makes me go “ZOMG THIS IS AWESOME!”-and to be honest, it actually bubbled on my hand. No thanks!
New Berry-This is the evolution of Cult of Cherry. CoC was a gorgeous, cherry red-well this is more of a wine-red, a burgundy. This is creamy and delicious and vampy and all that jazz-and any red-lip fan will want to have this in their arsenal. I personally have CoC which I rarely touch, and I’m a lipstick kind of gal, but if this hits the CCO…:)
So This Season-This is the gloss to go with Faultlessly FW, and well, let’s just say you get the impact of the lipstick here in gloss form. Ridiculously pigmented? Check. Creamy? Check. Purple? Check, and this is actually more of an indigo-purple than a blackened-purple, so you’re getting way more impact when you think about it as this is brighter. It would be a very interesting colour for layering, but if you aren’t into purples/blue tones, you can skip this without a second thought.

Fragrance: Asphalt Flower
First off, this is a roll-on, which I like and dislike. The main dislike is that I like to spray on the perfume, but rollerballs are less messy (I get the perfume right where I want it) and it’s very portable-it’s thinner than a tampon. (Bad analogy, I know) The fragrance is a “dark, erotic” fragrance, which is two things that I try to have my fragrances NOT be. I’m a light, cheery kind of girl, and erotic? Ugh. That usually means one thing-patchouli. And guess what this has? In the fragrance’s defence, though, it isn’t overwhelming, and it actually turns out to be a sweeter patchouli thanks to the vanilla, and the fact that it’s a floral at the top of the fragrance. In the end? Not that bad. The lasting power is great, too-probably thanks to the good ol’ patch. MAC fragrances are very pricey when you break it down (cost per ounce) but this is great (it was around way back in the day) and Dejarose ain’t that bad, either. I would buy this at the outlet and at the outlet ONLY, but it’s one that anyone who likes a sultry floral would want to rush-buy.

As promised-the lip swatches!


Note: These swatches are not the most accurate. Hipster is actually a lot redder but my camera picked up the frost. I will reswatch on Thursday when Style Black comes out.


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