Prescriptives To Close

17 September, 2009

Yes, you heard it correctly. As of the 31st of January next year, all Prescriptives is going to be going away. Products will be available on their website until stocks are depleted, and I imagine that the outlets may get a good deal of the product in order to push it through.

To me, this honestly isn’t surprising. Estee Lauder owns some of the biggest brands in cosmetics (MAC, EL, Clinique, Bobbi Brown, Origins, and all the fragrances plus Bumble & bumble) and Prescriptives always seemed, to me, to almost be an afterthought. If you have a brand that is not doing as well, then it goes away. I’ve worked retail, so I know how that goes-when I worked at BBW, we had a lot of lines go away-Breathe (competed directly with Aromatherapy and Spa, too limited on the fragrance range), Pure Simplicity (never really got going, and Wexler became the focus), Aquatanica (one fragrance limits it greatly), Le Couvent (way above the price point, also the products were a bit confusing), and Savannah Bee (again, the fragrance killed it for many, myself included, and the honey may have turned some people off). The latter two, I know for sure, were true third-party lines, with the former of them being an offshoot of L’Occitane (I have seen the Gardener’s Hand Healer at the L’Occitane outlet), and the latter being sold at some supermarkets, like Central Market here in Shoreline. I don’t know about Aquatanica, but the former two were produced by BBW itself.

With a company like EL having owned Prescriptives, I am surprised that the entire line is being shuttered, as opposed to it being picked up by a private equity firm or a conglomerate like LVMH or PPR. However, when you look at Prescriptives, there isn’t a whole lot that seems special, especially when you go to the outlet and you have that, BB, MAC, EL, and Clinique all in the same store. There were some things I would have tried, though, including one of their eye creams, which I will have to make sure to get.

So, if you use this brand, make sure that you stock up now, before your products are gone forever.


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