FOTD: Jealousy (15 Sept 09)

15 September, 2009

Alrighty, I haven’t done one of these in an age and a half…but figured I ought to fairly soon! This was mainly done because I saw my jar of Gilded Green that hasn’t been touched in oh, an age or two, so no time like the present to use it!


You need:
Eyes: Aquavert eyeshadow, Fresh Green Mix eyeshadow, Gilded Green pigment, Lark About pigment, Colour Matters Technakohl, Reflects Blue glitter, NP Private Ocean shadow, VS High Definition mascara, UD Baked Heavy Metal liner, Benefit BadGal liner
Cheeks: Tippy blush, Fun & Games blush, Pretty Baby Beauty Powder, Petticoat MSF
Lips: Electro lipstickSubstitutions: Aquavert=MUFE 149. Gilded Green=Golden Olive. Lark About=Vellum. Colour Matters=MUFE Aqua Eyes #17. Tippy=Dollymix. Fun & Games=Peachykeen. Pretty Baby=Well Dressed, applied with a 187 lightly all over. Petticoat=no dupe. Electro=Vegas Volt.

Directions: Using a 226 or a 231, apply Fresh Green Mix’s mono side to the center of each eyelid. Use the same brush to apply Aquavert to the inner third of each eyelid, and then to apply Gilded Green to the outer third of each eyelid. Blend well. Use a 217 to apply a good coat of Lark About from the crease to the brow, and if you so desire, you can run the blending brush over the outer half of the brow to give a nice, glowy look. Use the 226 to apply Private Ocean in the crease, and top that with Reflects Blue. Line the top lashline with Baked glitter liner, and line the bottom with Colour Matters. Finish the eye with a bit of Benefit BadGal on the waterline, and a bit of VS High Definition mascara on the lashies.

Using a blush brush of your choice, like MAC’s 109, apply Tippy along the cheekbone and then Fun & Games on the underside, as a contour. Use your buffer brush to apply Pretty Baby all over the face, and apply a little Petticoat on the apple of the cheek. Finally, one coat of Electro on the lips finishes this off.



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