Recent Hauling

10 September, 2009

Well, the local outlets got a frickin’ amazing shipment in, but I went up before-the store so nice you gotta go twice! Now, especially with the economy, the outlets getting more and more stuff is no huge surprise. But the stuff they do get? It’s better than ever! I knocked five items off my wishlist and I honestly could have blown the maximum you can spend-$300-in there.

First up was Reflects Copper glitter. I was shocked that they had this AND R. Rust, but more for me! This is amazingly textured, very smooth. It’s not as good as Bronze, but Bronze is the best:) It’s very subtle, so a little in the crease won’t make a huge change to a look, but rather give it a little pep. It would also be good over a lower liner, and of course, with Coppering. It is definitely different from Bronze, but if you have Bronze and love it and don’t really do any other Reflects, you may be able to stick with Bronze. Otherwise, give this a try.

I also got Reflects Blackened Red-and this, this isn’t as good in texture, to say the least. It isn’t as smooth, and it doesn’t have the same pigmentation and texture of the better ones. I’d say it’s close to Reflects Very Pink…and I’m not a huge fan of that one. However, the colour on this one is nice, and it’s the perfect addition to a smokey eye. I can say that this will get a lot of use in my darker looks, but I don’t do those as often. Nonetheless, still good. It’s not as bad as Reflects Red, but not as good as Bronze (which is the benchmark).Then yesterday, I came home with two items I kicked myself for not getting-sadly, neither of which was Lovestone MES. First up was Fun & Games BP Blush from the Hello Kitty collection. The orange-y peachness to it may have turned some people off, but for many it’s a really good shade. As it is a BPB, it is on the sheerer side, so you can layer it or keep it sheered down. It also works as a bit of a contour. It’s a blush that I felt my collection desperately needed, and once I get The Perfect Cheek I won’t need any blush for a long time, as my wardrobe will be complete.

The second item that I got was Refined MSF-they also got Perfect Topping, but Refined was the one that looked best on me as it has a lot of coral in it. The MSF itself is one of the nicest that have ever been made, as it can be used all over and it lacks the heavy shimmer of many MSF’s. There is a good amount of shimmer, but it’s all lighter/finer. Paler people may only want to use this as a blush, but admittedly that’s what I do with most of them. A 187 would work for all over, though. It’s very well veined, but I would avoid one with heavy coral blobs if you are looking to get it for allover facial use as opposed to blusher.

Finally, I picked up Kanga-Rouge lipstick, which is gorgeous. It’s an Amplified from the Dame Edna collection, and boy, is it bright. Sure, there were a lot of red AC’s released last year, but this got me for a few reasons: first, the packaging. Second, when I tried it on, it was one of those that I would have never considered two years ago but now rock with ease. It is hard to work with, as you HAVE to have a liner with this. No ifs, ands, or buts about that. And guess what I don’t have? Yep, you guessed it. I can work with that, though. The packaging is cute-it’s a lavender with little stars, and a pair of red Dame Edna spectacles. That part is just a sticker, so you can peel it off if you want to, but I like them:) The other two DE lipsticks are gorgeous and bright as well-they didn’t have Gladiola, but Coral Polyp is a gorgeous one that will be mine eventually.

And who knows, it may be soon, as Mom may have me get her Circa Plum as they got a buttload of that in. However, I need Helium and Viz-a-Violet…


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