Urban Decay Holiday/Late Fall 2009: New Sets

3 September, 2009

Alrighty, Urban Decay has given us the motherlode of all new stuff! Every item that I am going to be talking about is a set of some sort, and if you have to put your wallet or credit card in the freezer, that’s okay too! Each of these is now available on the Urban Decay website, and I will list the prices as I go.

First up is a new fan-style palette, the Smoke-Out Kit. This comes in three different colour palettes, and it takes all the guesswork out of creating a smokey eye. The palette itself is four levels, each swiveling out on a little rod, with the essentials. The top is a flip-out mirror, and I like that concept-keep it where it will stay safe. The second level has four shadows-a white highlight shade, a nude lid shade, and then your liner and crease/corner shadows. The third level holds a mini Zero 24/7 liner (and what looks to be a brush?), while the bottom has a travel size of Skyscraper mascara. If this doesn’t sound foolproof to you, this also comes with a facechart AND detailed instructions, to take all the mystery out of the mysterious eye. The one thing is that none of these kits are vegan, though. Each retails for $34, and you have three colour palettes: The Ju-Ju kit is browns and neutrals, while the Sweet Lucy kit is your traditional grey and black. The final one, the Yerba, has dark greens. That, I am very interested in. This kit is definitely one for anybody who has had trouble with the smokey eye, as well as somebody who doesn’t have a lot of makeup but would like to learn the smokey eye.

The new shadow box is called the Show Pony shadow box, featuring illustrations by LA-based artist Kime Buzzelli. The palette has six shadows (the shadows are 60% the size of a full-size round shadow…with .9 grams/.03 oz), with two of them being exclusive to the kit. The whole idea is a kit that has both brights and wear-to-work neutrals, and I think that was accomplished well. Snatch, the first shade, is an exclusive and it’s a peachy-pink shimmer. Mildew is a deep green, Flash is an electric purple, Painkiller is the other exclusive and a bright turquoise shimmer, Smog is a deep bronze, and Toasted is a copper. The palette also comes with a mini genie bottle of UDPP, as well as the requisite mini Zero liner. I am actually glad that many of the palettes don’t have applicators, for the reason that I prefer using my own brushes unless they are real brushes and not sponge-tip applicators. The palette is only $30, and this would be amazing for a teenage girl or anyone who likes to mix neutrals with brights.The 24/7 liner sets? They are back too-with a twist. Three of the liners are permanent collection liners. One is an exclusive, limited-edition shade (which could become a permanent one day, you never know). The final liner? A FULL-SIZE Heavy Metal liner! The first set, the Stereophonic, features Zero, Underground, Gunmetal, and as the exclusive, Crash, an eggplant that is inspired by the eyeshadow of the same name. The Heavy Metal liner featured is Midnight Cowboy, a “beige sparkler” that is absolutely gorgeous. It’s a lighter gold than Baked, which is a very rich, warm colour. The Hi-Fi set, on the other hand, features Zero as well, along with Flipside (the new teal that they came out with earlier this year) and 1999, a very sparkly plum. The exclusive in this set is Mildew, a deep olive green that is, yes, inspired by the shadow of the same name. The Heavy Metal liner in this set is Distortion, a white iridescent sparkle. Each set retails for $30 and this is perfect for the makeup fan who travels a lot, your eyeliner-obsessed BFF, or the person who draws outside the lines. Two notes about this: 1999 and Gunmetal are admittedly probably two of my least favourite eyeliners-they’re overly sparkly and they are a weird, crumbly texture. Also, the value is insane-instead of a fifth pencil, you’re getting a liner worth $18-and the cost is only $1 more than the last two years of the liner sets. Urban Decay definitely knows a good value, and as a value-obsessed girl, I can appreciate that!

Way back in the day, one of the things Urban Decay was most known for was its range of nail polish. In recent years, how much nail polish has there been? Zip, zilch, nada. Until now. There is a new kit featuring seven mini bottles of polish in a purple faux leather case, perfect for gifting! White Widow, the first shade, is a sparkly white (oooh), and it goes all the way to Apocalypse (blackened purple) with many different things between. You have Big Bang, a shimmery/pearly hot pink. You have Fbomb, a true red. Meltdown is perfect for this season’s purple nail trend, this one being a royal purple, while Gunmetal is as the name is-a dark grey. Finally you have Grunge, a metallic peacock (dark teal). The set is only $25, another great UD value, and this is one that any makeup fan or nail polish junkie should put on their list. The polishes themselves are Big 3-free (toulene, formaldehyde, DBP) and have a new brush as well as anti-chip technology. I’ll have to put that last part to the test;) The thing I like most about this though is the sheer variety. Big Bang and Grunge are two that I would use heavily, and the others would all get good usage at some point or another.

One thing that I find fun, as I have done them before, are the Urban Decay Rocks. It’s a set of 24 crystals in a handy case, complete with a tube of adhesive that has a brush applicator, as opposed to being squeeze-tube form. They are a mixture of gold, silver, and iridescent, and a variety of sizes. This is one of my personal favourite items, as I love crystals for the face, but at the same time, I can buy cheaper myself and then buy the glue. At $18, it doesn’t seem like a ton, but I’d expect more crystals and more variety, or better yet, Swarovski. I do like the way they have the adhesive done, but I would expect more. This is something for the true fashionista-the person who is on the cutting edge of the trends, the person who likes to do things differently, or the person who thinks nothing of taking risks. IE, me.

I had to save the best for last, though. This is the motherlode of the motherlode-the 24/7 Super Stash. This features 9 mini 24/7’s, including four exclusive ones. The permanent ones you get in this kit are Zero (of course), Graffiti (gotta have the newbie), Ransom (the other newbie-all four of the February liners are represented here), Rockstar (the eggplant), and Stash (green-gold). Now onto the exclusives! We have the Oil Slick liner, which will be a black sparkle liner. We have Corrupt, which will be a brown sparkle. We finally have a navy blue in Binge, which I would buy on its own. Finally, and most exciting? Eldorado, a gold. I have Eldorado in shadow form, and I don’t wear it often, but liner? Hell yes. The set is $39, and every makeup junkie should have this on their list. It makes each liner less than $5 apiece if you were to buy them on their own (yet another value courtesy of your friends at Urban Decay), and for me the interest lies in having eight liners that I don’t already have, and my most-used liner as well. I will get one or two less VAE’s just to fund this, as I absolutely need it. Not want, but need.

All of these, like I said at the beginning, are up on the UD website.


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