New MAC Collections Online

25 August, 2009

Didn’t think you were going to be able to get away from the M-A-C collection easily now, did you? We’ve got two small capsule collections currently up on the website featuring items that normally would go with a big collection-but are in their own little things, for your enjoyment!

First up is Flirt With Fall. This is a false lash collection featuring six new limited-edition lashes designed by Christina Smith, an Oscar-nominated makeup artist. These are all dramatic in their own way, so let’s take a look, shall we?

The 43 lash is probably the most everyday of the bunch. It’s got some length to it, but not an overwhelming amount, and it has bunches of little wispy lashes for a flirty look. This is a lash that pretty much anybody could rock, although admittedly me+false lashes=epic fail.
The 44 lash is a dramatic-winged lash, with long winged parts for the outer corner as well as separate bundles. This is a lash for somebody who likes to have a little fun, who likes it to definitely be bold but also still look fun.
The 45 lash is a long, winged lash designed for the outer corner of the eye. It’s definitely a bold look, but if I want an outer corner look I’m going for something a little more funky-let’s add some crystals or maybe some feathers to that. Ole! It still will look fairly wispy, though, so it won’t be like an inch-long extension of your lashes.
The 46 lash is a very full lash with short bristles, designed to add definition and fullness to the lashes. This is an idea that I love, and for many people this may be as long as their natural lashes! My only concern about this is for people like myself, who have naturally longer lashes-it may look too artificial. This is one easy way to get mascara-ad lashes, though.
The 47 lash is definitely the most dramatic, as it’s a very long lash with side-swept hairs and fullness at the base. It’s not for the faint of heart, as you have to have a lot of confidence to rock this lash (it’s almost like the She’s Bad lash). This is a good one for Halloween costumes, though.
The 48, finally, is not just a Metro bus that is chronically late, but it’s also a lash with long wispy bundles that has an even edge, for a borderline-dramatic look.

Each pair of the lashes retails for $12.50, and the nice thing? When you’re done with your lashes, the lash case is a B2M empty.Now let’s get ourselves onto the Nail Trend! This is a collection of six nail polishes created by Jin Soon to match some of fall’s trends, and some of the colours DO look nice (however I have an OPI matte or two with my name on it). All of these polishes have a cream finish, which I personally don’t like (I’m a matte/frost girl myself), but I am clearly in the minority!

The colours, as follows:
Dry Martini-Khaki olive green (yum)
Rich, Dark, Delicious-Rich blackened brown
For Fun-Rich clean purple (a sellout here? I think so)
Dance All Night-Brick red
Beyond Jealous-Blackened blue-green (this will sell out)
Cool Reserve-Dirty grey lavender (this will sell out, seeing as how Love & Friendship sold out-this looks to be more like OPI’s Done Out In Deco though)

Each polish retails for $12 (yes, prices did go up) and if you like one, I suggest getting it now as they will sell. However, I would be interested to see how Cool Reserve compares to Done Out In Deco, because I know the ULTA nearest me has a ton of that cluttering up the OPI displays.


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