Smashbox Reign Collection Review/Swatches

24 August, 2009

Today, I went to Sephora in order to get a little bit of swatching done, and the collection of the day? Why the Reign collection, of course! This is Smashbox’s foray into the fall collection arena, and it honestly isn’t that bad. It’s nothing terribly great, but nothing abysmal, either. I did not get to swatch the mascara or the eyeliners, as I was short on time.

Let’s start out though with the eyeshadow palettes, which are the center of the collection to me. They retail for $42 each, and there are six shadows-a small semi-matte shadow in the center of a frosty, shimmery complementary tone. The Monarch palette, which features a light gold, a bronze, and a dark taupe, is fairly decent. I would actually get this over MAC’s Notoriety quad if you are looking for a good neutral set, as this has both shimmers and light sheens, and the payoff is fairly decent. You will want to use a good primer with this though, as it isn’t the easiest to work with-the sheen/matte especially. The Majesty, on the other hand, has a champagne, a burgundy, and a black-and it’s not as good. The burgundy is pretty but the others apply very patchily-the application is not as smooth as I would hope. You can go ahead and skip Majesty, but Monarch is good for neutral lovers. I do like the concept-but the brush I used, which was some sort of shadow brush, may have been the key. These also do not work with sponges, I tried to apply my swatches with sponge-tip applicators and it was a huge failure. The packaging itself though is absolutely lovely; it’s a gorgeous faux-leather puffy top, although at times it does feel a bit cheap. Still though, it looks great, and could probably take some abuse in my purse.The blusher in this collection, Regal, has the same sort of packaging-the burgundy puffy top with the crest on it. The blusher itself is a peachy sort of colour, and it is both shimmer and matte so that you can get your ultimate look. You get a LOT of product for the price, which is a key thing for me-think the fill weight of 6 MAC eyeshadows. It has the look of 4 different little blocks, but the shimmer part is the right-hand, smaller part. The texture of the blush is very creamy, and easily blendable. I have heard of it running orange on some people, however I don’t mind the orange at all. This runs for $32, which is reasonable considering just how much you actually get.

On the note of lip products, there are two different things in the collection. First up are two LE shades of the Doubletake lip colour-a dual-ended pencil with a liner on one end and colour on the other. I love the idea, and the liner and lipstick are both creamy and luscious which makes it another big win in my book. It’s great when you need to save room in your purse, but also when you just want to save time. Amaretto, your everyday shades, are pink-toned nudes that are perfect to go with the fall’s darker eye-and because you need to have something lighter to work for some of those days. Currant, the other, is for those of us who like to go bold. Like the name implies, it’s a dark, rich red. You can tone it down by mixing the two together, or draw half of one lower lip and the other half of the upper lip with the dark colour, and then fill the other areas in with the lighter colour, and swirl together with fingers or a brush. Currant is probably the one item from the collection that I am most drawn to, and each of these runs you a fairly inexpensive (for what you get) $22.

The other lip product in the collection is Crowned, a shade of their lipgloss that is a really nice, semi-sparkly peachy colour to go with the Amaretto Doubletake. This is a colour that would be good for any time, and because this is the Reign collection, it comes with a gold cap, a crest on a charm, and a little crown on the tube. I didn’t try it on myself, and it looks like less product than a MAC lipglass, but it’s still pretty. Each gloss retails for $19, which makes it a fun little fall indulgence.

And now, for the swatches!



Top: Currant Doubletake, Monarch trio
Bottom: Amaretto Doubletake, Crowned lipgloss, Majesty trio


Circled: Regal blush


The trios


The lippies


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