TJ Maxx: Your New Beauty Destination

20 August, 2009

For many years, TJ Maxx was a place I frequented a lot. The fashions were fairly inexpensive, I could get my preferred thong underwear for $2 a pair (lesson learned: Buy VS Cotton v-strings), and it was a very non-intimidating atmosphere. However, fashion-wise, many of the items were, well, things I would not touch. They were either so overly trendy that they would have no place in my wardrobe, which does follow trends but has to stay relatively timeless, or they were “urban brands”-Baby Phat, Apple Bottoms, JLO (thank God that folded), and their ilk. So I stayed away.

What you may not know though is that they are a top destination for discounted beauty as well. I have heard of some stores getting in NARS, but I didn’t see any of that. However, there are insane bargains to be had here, and they are consistently bringing in more high-end stuff at lower prices. Saving money=always good!

On the makeup side, at one of the stores I went to they just had a few Essie polishes and then some ModelCo stuff. Nothing particularly great, although there were single shadows, and today, they had these lipstick/tooth whitener duos marked down to $3. I don’t have cash for discretionary spending at this time, however it’s a fun thing. They had an UD Sparkler pen for $2, although it was missing a cap. No thanks! At the store by the mall I used to work at, however, they had a ton of Lancome. There was Avant Gold and another couple shadows, for $6 each. They also had Artliners and then a few face products, as well as a little sampler of Juicy Tubes. There was some Paula Dorf (a wallet with a little lip palette) and then some Jaqua glosses (as in, Raspberry Buttercream Frosting, my favourite scent ever seemingly), the latter of which were a whopping $4. Elizabeth Arden had a lot of things there too, including the 8 Hour Cream for $15.

The best deal, however, was an Urban Decay deal-and it was their Heavy Metal box from 2007. You get a full-size Metalhead liner AND a full-size Power Ballad HM gel…for $4. Yes, $4. I almost bought them out completely of that, as Metalhead is a much-used liner of mine. Hair-wise, you’re bound to have a lot of luck. I saw some Alterna, I saw some Nexxus, and I’ve even seen Fekkai. I’m keeping my eyes peeled for the Au Naturel or for the Apple Cider, but I am not holding my breath. The insanity though comes to us courtesy of Sexy Hair, where many of their sublines have multiple products being represented. I saw a $10 travel set with Big Sexy Hair volume shampoo, conditioner, blow-dry gel, and either Root Pump or Spray & Play. The Healthy Sexy Hair also had a travel set, but they had these giant 64-ounce pump bottle jugs of shampoo for $20. Most of the Sexy Hair shampoos/conditioners are $6 a bottle, with the Colour Me Sexy (or whatever they’re called) being $10 for a liter. On the note of stylers and so forth, I know that the Lynnwood one had the Pumpkin masque (part of the Healthy line) and then there are all sorts of the Short ones-the main lemming of mine being the bodifying blow-dry gel/paste/whatever. They also had full-size bottles of the Blow-Dry volume gel for $6, which is well over half off of retail. We’re talking one side of a shelving unit that could be filled with all the Sexy Hair stuff. There was some Bed Head as well, but not a ton. They carry a lot of appliances, mainly flat-irons, and the highest-end brand you’ll find is Corioliss, which I will not buy due to a bad experience with them working in the mall I used to work at and just being certifiable morons.

In bodycare, there are a lot of brands I had never heard of, although I have seen Bliss products before. I saw a Jaqua Raspberry Buttercream Frosting hand/body lotion in a pump bottle for $4 but could not justify that right now, seeing as I am trying to downsize my lotion numbers. If you are a fan of (ick) bar soap, you will be very happy as there is a lot to choose from, but us gel-lovers will not be disappointed by any stretch of the imagination. Prices are fairly decent.

Fragrances can be found in abundance-they had 1.7 bottles of Escada’s Ocean Lounge for an unknown price, and Cacharel Amor Amor for $20, among others. Juicy had quite a few box sets, as well as $40 wristlets. (Not fragrance, but still)

Back to the clothes though-I don’t know if it’s the location or what, but the one I went to today had Ed Hardy, some Ralph Lauren diffusion brands, Juicy Couture, Elie Tahari, and more. They had Ed Hardy’s Ked-like shoes for $50, and shirts ranging from $40 to $60. The Juicy stuff is about what you’d pay at Nordstrom Rack-tees are $25 or $30, separates for a suit are about $50-$60.

If you want a shopping environment where you can truly get high-end or semi-high-end items at low prices, pay your local TJ Maxx a visit. Even if it isn’t in the ritziest area of town, more and more are probably getting the goods thanks to how crappy this economy is. And no, nobody cares what handbag you’re carrying (unless it’s ugly) or what you drive, because the desire to find a good deal transcends all budgets.


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