The Ultimate Yellow Swatch Post

20 August, 2009

As promised, I bring you swatches of yellows! They were applied with the mark eyeliner brush, which is a short pointy pencil-tip brush, comparable to MAC’s 219. The top row is applied with no base, and the bottom is applied over Urban Decay Primer Potion. The first one is with no flash, I believe the second one does have flash, and the macro function is used for all. The nails are OPI Pompeii Purple, and the pink case? Where my lippies reside when not on active duty.

L-R: Going Bananas, Estee Lauder Butter, Crest The Wave, Bright Future, Bright Sunshine, Lancome Slide, MUFE #2


What this proves to me is that Crest The Wave may be closely dupeable, but many of the products used are limited-edition or discontinued-the only two that aren’t are Bright Sunshine, which is a PRO shadow, and the MUFE shadow. It has similarities to Going Bananas, but I find it has better pigmentation. GB is a very tricky shadow for me to work with, and CTW is close colour-wise (a bit lighter of a base colour) but has a way better texture (both are frosts, but frosts aren’t always reliable, ie Cool Heat). My verdict is BUY NOW. It WILL sell out, and it is different enough from Bright Future to justify buying this even if you got BF with Style Warriors (ie, me). The only way I could say that you could pass on this is if you already have the Stowaways quad, because CTW is a repromote from that Nordie’s exclusive quad. I would still say to get it though because you have the freedom of toting it in pot form, as opposed to having to bring along the whole quad.

The other thing about yellows is that they need a damn good base in order to work correctly. I may do swatches of the shadows over Yellow Scream, so you can get an idea of how they’d look over a coloured base, and if you really want me to (leave a comment saying that you want it) I will swatch over both Salsabelle CCB and Shell CCB. I used UDPP though since a) it was right next to me, and b) it’s the Ol’ Reliable of eyeshadow primers.

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