New Urban Decay Book of Shadows

20 August, 2009

Yes, Volume 2 is going to be online on tomorrow! This is MAJOR-we’re talking bigger and better than the original! (which I sadly never bought:() 16 shadows, plus two mini 24/7 pencils (Zero and Bourbon) and mini UDPP-this time, it is featured in a genie bottle like that of the regular UDPP (on a smaller scale) and with a bent wand! I do wish it contained a couple of their brushes, but they probably figure that most people already use their own brushes so it’s not a huge loss. There is also a little lookbook hidden behind “secret doors” which I think is a genius thing, as for some people 16 shadows can be a wee bit daunting.

The permanent shades featuring in this shadow box are Midnight Cowboy Rides Again (bleh), Ecstacy (GORGEOUS), Half-Baked (gorgeous as well), Sellout, Gunmetal, Twice-Baked, Flipside, and YDK. There are also 8 new, exclusive shades, which in my eyes are the reason to get the shadow box. Sure, you may have the perm shades, but 8 newbies plus little UDPP and liners (absolute essentials)? Sign me up. As for the LE shades, here they are!

AC/DC-Deep eggplant shimmer
Nylon-Champagne sparkle
Mushroom-Taupe-y gunmetal
Sphynx-Pink sparkle/shimmer
Jinx-Bright blue shimmer
Homegrown-Bright green shimmer
Misdemeanor-Deep teal sparkle
Perversion-matte black

While the shadow box itself may look a little random, it’s also set up in a very genius way. If you like neutrals, you can do dozens of looks. You can also do several different smokey eyes, a pastel eye (not as much), and of course, brights. I wish there was more bright-bright stuff, but hey, we take what we can get!

This shadow box is $48, and will be on the UD website tomorrow.


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