M-A-C Collection Updates, and A B2M Note

20 August, 2009

Alrighty, I went to the Freestanding today and I have some collection news that you will want to pay attention to!

First off, Crest The Wave was down to its last three after I left (I had enough empties to get one), and I would not be surprised if it sold out today. Granted, the Freestanding did a party and thus the yellows are attractive to the typical party attendee, but still, only three left! Artistic License also was sold out, and all of the other Technakohls were going very, very fast. I expect the single shadows to go fast because you CAN B2M for them, but many of the rest of the things may stay for awhile. Then again, you never know. This is like Hello Kitty but for the true MAC addicts. I say this because Hello Kitty was designed to appeal to the masses, while this is designed to appeal to the MAC fanatics, although it can always go either way.

Second, I reswatched the lippies. The lipsticks are as boring as ever, however the lipglasses are worth a look. Personal Taste is a neutral mauvey-pink with multidimensional pearl, and it’s a very good everyday gloss. New Spirit is a neutral coral with pearl, and what I sorely wish Silly Girl was. Young Thing is relatively boring and Gold Rebel (or Liberated, can’t remember which) from Style Warriors is better, while for On Display, you can skip it if you have Fierce & Fabulous. F&F is a bit brighter and it has more of the pearl, while On Display is creamier and a bit darker. You can see the swatches below. They are WAY better than my originals, in that I can actually remember what was what very easily!

Finally, I have received an interesting new B2M note from Bradley, my “MAC Dude”. He told me, and this is official company directive, that eyeshadow pots do NOT have to have the pan in them, however they must have that plastic insert still. Just to clarify it for you all:) I think they said that it could be a little damaged, but you gotta have the plastic insert.

Now, for the swatches! I will be posting yellow comparison swatches here shortly.

Lipstick: Hold The Pose, Front Lit, High Strung, Lovin’ It, Full Body
Lipglass: New Spirit, Young Thing, Personal Taste, On Display




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