New Urban Decay Stuff, With Swatches

12 August, 2009

Alrighty, I did get to Sephora after all and I got to do some swatching of the new items for you all!

Lipsticks: Confession, Oil Slick, Naked
Deluxe Shadows: Freakshow, Frigid, Ruthless
24/7 Lip Pencils:
Shadows: Ecstacy, Minx


The lipsticks (middle of the bottom row), which retail for $22 each, are all very nice. Confession is described as a semi-sheer burgundy, and for many people, this may be a bit dark, but the trick is pairing it with other lipsticks or lipglosses in order to make it everyday with a bit of edge. I would pick it up and then pair it with a peach gloss, for dimension. Oil Slick, the black, is very glossy. If you are familiar with the texture of MAC’s Slimshine lipsticks, this would be very similar to it. It’s got the sparkle in it that the Slimshines have, and it has the glossiness and semi-sheer colour payoff. This takes confidence to pull off, and admittedly, I don’t think I even have the confidence for that! Naked, finally, is a creamy pink-nude. It photographed a bit more pink on because I did it under semi-low lighting in a bathroom stall, but it’s a good one to own. I think they did the nude delibrately, to show that you can wear Oil Slick or Confession easily if you pair it with a nude, and this is a good one. Not buy-worthy for my personal collection, but it is still nice.The Deluxe Shadows this time out-Frigid, Freakshow, and Ruthless-are all good ones to have in general. In my opinion, Freakshow and Frigid are so similar that it’s a case of you don’t need them both. The only difference is the sheen-Freakshow (the one on the left) is a red-tone, while Frigid (the middle) is a blue-tone. They are nice and you get the UD Deluxe quality that you expect, but again, you don’t need them both as they are so similar. Ruthless, the only vegan shade of the bunch, is the lightest Deluxe shadow so far, and it may make a good highlight for someone (Scratch is just too dark for many). It’s not an essential shadow but it’s still pretty. At $18 each, you get an insane value: not only a higher fill weight, but you get the packaging too: a weighted compact with mirror, and the top part having a different art piece for each shadow! I have not bought a single Deluxe yet (I just have the Shadow Box, which is a great way to start out), but I recommend especially getting Sting or Adore in single form, as they aren’t in the Shadow Box. (Neither is Heat or any of the new ones)

There are also two brand new regular shadows-Minx and Ecstacy, and a warning to duochrome lovers: hold onto your wallets. Minx is a green that on first swatch, somehow reminded me of Lancome’s Personal Style because of it flashing blue-green. It is a high-sparkle shadow, so this one requires a good coat of UDPP in order to make it work. It’s not the most heavily-pigmented shadow, although it is quite nice. Ecstacy, on the other hand, is a purple-pink duochrome, with a lot less shimmer and a lot more pigmentation. It’s very similar to a shadow like, say, Jones. At the very least, Ecstacy is a must-have for me, but I’m in no rush as these are permanent, or semi-perm. They are $16 each, so a bit more than MAC, but still reasonable.

Finally, there are the two new 24/7 lipliners. Paranoid (the left of the two) is a darker pinky-nude, perfect to go with all your favourite pinks, and Wallflower (the rightmost) is a medium nude perfect for working out a neutral lip. I think it’s good to have some more nude-toned lipliners in, as UD got rid of their older pencils to bring in the 24/7’s, and I have no complaints about that one whatsoever. They retail for $17 apiece, and with your UD pencils, make sure that you are using the Grindhouse sharpener-the best one ever. I’m not joking, I’m not paid by anyone to endorse it-it’s that good.


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