Makeup Art Cosmetics (M-A-C) Collection Review & Swatches

12 August, 2009

So this doesn’t come out until the 20th in stores and counters, however selected freestanding stores had launch parties tonight, and I went and saw! First things first, this is a large collection. It will not appeal to absolutely everyone, but they covered all their bases. This is bigger than Hello Kitty even, and we know that was a ginormous collection.

So, on with the review!

Crest The Wave-Oooh, you know me and yellows. This was the yellow shade from the Stowaways quad that featured at Nordie’s last year, and for some people, presumably THE reason they bought the quad in the first place! This is a gorgeous yellow, albeit a lighter yellow than Bright Future, but this one will sell out very quickly. It is a frost finish, and a good frost, too.
Haunting-Yep, another repromote, this time from the McQueen collection. Of the three McQueen shadows, this honestly looks the prettiest of the bunch (compared to Nile and Pagan). The lasting power is very good, as it is a pale aqua. It’s a satin with a faint shimmer laced throughout, and I think this is an essential colour for all.
Off the Page-One of the two new shadows in this group, this is a lovely orange. I will compare it to Evening Aura and Urban Decay Jones later on (no time to swatch tonight, sadly) but one of the guys was wearing it as a top liner and it looked really, really nice. This will sell out only because orange shadows that MAC makes do sell out quickly.
Maira’s Magic-This is the other of those LE shadows, and it is a light pink satin. Not light like Pink Freeze-light, but lighter than even Dear Cupcake was. I’d say the closest shadow to it would have been Playful, from the Barbie collection. This is gorgeous, and I would say if you don’t have Playful this is absolutely essential. Even if you do, I recommend it.
Purple Shower-I had heard bad things about this before the collection, but I still wanted to see it for myself. It is either a satin or a matte (I’m tired) but absolutely gorgeous! Think a pure purple version of Stars ‘n Rockets (no duochrome) with no shimmer-that’s what you get. This is a shadow that I honestly will skip for now, only because I have limited funds.
Violet Trance-Another shadow I heard bad things about-a chalky, bad matte. I swatched it with a 219 and honestly, it wasn’t that bad. It is a darker purple, I’d almost say Satellite Dreams but in matte form-it’s a very cool purple. I definitely would buy for the main reason that I don’t have any mattes, let alone purples, and I love my purples, yes I do. It could also be used as a liner. For most people though, this isn’t necessarily an item that I would say “Ooooh! Rush buy!”

Eye Quads:
Photorealism (Green)-This is a very pretty quad and I love how it’s frosts and veluxe pearls. The dark shade in the quad is absolutely gorgeous-it’s like a darker version of Lancome’s Luring, without the purple, and with more green. The highlight in the quad is glorious too. I almost bought it, but I’m not one who does greens that often, and I have all the greens I need for shadows, at least.
In The Gallery (Purple)-The standout quad of the collection! Not only is this a nice selection (mattes, a frost, and a satin-or two satins and a matte), and it’s purples, but it’s just a nice quad altogether. My mum bought this, actually, and I am definitely going to be sharing it with her.
Notoriety (Neutral)-This is the most passable of the quads in my eyes, but it’s still a good quad. The highlight shade is a lustre, with, at least on my hand, zero staying power whatsoever. The other shades though are nice, and for someone starting out in makeup it’s a good quad with some basic shades that are easy to pair together or to use with other things. It wins mainly due to versatility.

A note about the quads: No repromotes here!

Artistic License-I almost got this one, and I loved that it was a bright, tropical turquoise-then I pulled out my Urban Decay Electric liner, and thus the lemming was killed. Thanks Jen! Electric is darker than AL, and AL lacks the shimmer that Electric has-so it’s a case of 6 of one, half a dozen of the other.
Colour Matters-Totally got this-I love it! I admittedly rarely ever do greens, but this is just so pretty that you’d have to be a fool to pass it up! It’s a somewhat matte lime green that is perfect to pep up a neutral eye, or to finish off a bright look.
Obviously Orange-This was a huge disappointment. I wanted a brighter orange…this is more neutral, more subdued. It’s darker than Off The Page, but at the same time it’s still a boring orange. Sadly the OJ Pro Pencil is not for around the eye area…*sniff*
Full of Fuschia-I may regret not getting this one someday, to be honest. It’s almost Purple Shower in eyeliner form, but with more pink. I am definitely a huge fan, but I skipped it as I just felt the calling of the green more.
Graphblack-This is a permanent product, so there’s really no rush to go out and get this. It’s your basic black liner, and a very rich, dark one at that.

Young Thing-I’m not really enthused-the next three, when swatched, all come up extremely similar. This one is a pale yellow/gold, and there was already She’s A Star from Naked Honey, Liberated from Style Warriors-you get the picture.
New Spirit-Yellow coral? I’m not seeing it here. This is definitely forgettable.
Personal Taste-They said this was a midtoned rose, and I got a little bit of rose to it-but this is a very neutral shade, not a nice lovely pink.
On Display-This was the one most unlike the others, as the others were all fairly neutral frosty shades-this was a frosty berry shade. I think on its own, this can do wonders…use with a nude lip

Full Body-This one sold out, so they used Hang Up (a Cremesheen in its place)-and Hang Up is way better and more wearable. With Hang Up, you’re getting what sheers down to a nice berry, as opposed to this, which is more brown. One word? Yuck.

For the rest of the lipsticks, I will have to wait until the 20th for you to get them, because they faded off my arm. Let me just say though: High Strung is permanent, and the rest are utterly forgettable.

Notable-A nice, satin subdued brick red. I can’t do a red blush, but this may prove me wrong. Nonetheless, I already have a lot of blushers, and I need more everyday stuff and not stuff I’d wear only for special occasions.
The Perfect Cheek-This actually is quite the nice blush! It’s a matte midtone pale pink, and oh my goodness, is it gorgeous. I am seriously putting this on my shortlist of future purchases, as it is a matte and like nothing I already have-plus perfect for everyday. This is a definite must-buy.

Cocomotion-This is one of the repromotes, and it’s described as a dirty olive-toned gold with gold sparkle. This is a frequent visitor at my local CCO, and it’s not essential to me, so I am definitely giving this one a pass for now. Sure, it’s very pretty, but I don’t do neutrals often enough to justify buying this. I’ll buy it but only at the CCO.
Heritage Rouge-This one was an Overrich pigment last year, and it’s permanent at PRO stores. I already have Royal Flush though and if you are looking for a good reddish pigment? Royal Flush beats this hands down. I’m not a huge fan-it’s very browned, very muddy. It’s good for people who like doing neutral looks, as it can help make a bronze or a gold pop, but at the same time, it’s not absolutely essential, especially since you can get it at PRO stores.
Brash & Bold-This one I loved, and it is BRIGHT. We’re talking a darker, redder, slightly less frosty version of Fuschia pigment. I have heard from some people that it’s similar to Bright Fuschia PRO pigment, but since I’ve never seen or swatched that IRL, I wouldn’t exactly know now, would I? All I know: This is bright. It won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but I have this on the shortlist.
Push The Edge-What a total snoozer! It’s a dark purple, and if you have Violet, French Violet, or both of those, this is easily skippable.

Glitters: (all permanent at PRO stores)
Fuschia-It’s a chunkier glitter, still fine though. It’s more purple than Fuschia-when I see fuschia, I think pink. It would go good with my purple looks, but I have Reflects Purple Duo for that (even though RPD is more blue and blue-toned). There is no need to rush-buy this, as you can call the PRO hotline.
Gold-I already had this (from the Gold Fever collection, woo) and I honestly rarely use it when I compare it to my Reflects, sadly. It’s a somewhat-chunky (still fine though-it’s not as chunky as my old Marigold glitter) true gold glitter. This is something that a lot of Halloween costumes could use, but for me, I find I mainly use it for costumes and then use my Reflects for daily use. That isn’t to say that this is bad though-oh gosh no.
Reflects Rust-I bought this as well-and it’s as the name says: a rusty-red, almost burgundy superfine glitter. It’s very similar to Reflects Bronze in that there’s a slightly pigmented base and the glitter that comes out is super, super rich.
Reflects Copper-I almost bought this, but to me, there were way too many similarities to Reflects Bronze, so I skipped this. Similarities like texture, pigmentation, and smoothness are good, but the colour is way too close for comfort at this time.

In addition to these, the Gloss texture is being repromoted (it is a PRO product). You can use it with glitters/pigments, or you can use it to create a nice, wet look. This fall, one of the key things is going to be playing with textures, as there is a lot of depth that can be had.

The parties themselves, in addition to the wine and the canapes, featured two artists who did pencil/oil pastel sketches of some of the guests. The gift for us was a poster of one of the three images-and I got the Marilyn Minter one with the glittered-up eyelid!

So here is my list of must-haves and so forth!
Rush-Buy: Crest The Wave, Off The Page, Maira’s Magic, Brash & Bold, the Technakohls, In The Gallery, The Perfect Cheek
Try First: Notable, Purple Shower, Violet Trance, Photorealism
Wait til the CCO Gets These: Cocomotion, Heritage Rouge, Haunting, Notoriety
Don’t Worry, They’re Pro: All the glitters, the Gloss, and Heritage Rouge
Skip: All the lip products

Now for the swatches!


L-R: The Perfect Cheek (in the circle), Notable, Front Lit?, Hold The Pose?, Lovin’ It?, Hang Up, High Strung?, Full Body (I will be redoing the lip swatches)


L-R (in the box): Brash & Bold, Push The Edge, Cocomotion, Heritage Rouge (I will redo these as well)


1: Cocomotion
2: Fuschia glitter
3: Heritage Rouge
4: In The Gallery quad: Lightfall (satin), Look At The Eyes (frost), In The Gallery (matte), Private Viewing (matte)
5: Notoriety quad: Skintone 1 (Lustre), Skintone 2 (frost), Notoriety (Velvet), Rich & Earthy (Veluxe Pearl
6: Photorealism quad: Photorealism (Frost), Fresh Approach (Veluxe Pearl), Image Maker (frost), Grey Range (Veluxe Pearl)
7: (doesn’t this look like candy? Yum!) Violet Trance, Haunting, Maira’s Magic, Off The Page, Purple Shower, Crest The Wave
8: Obviously Orange, Full of Fuschia, Colour Matters, Artistic License, Graphblack (with the bottom one being Urban Decay Electric, for comparison)

Oh, and I am not actually engaged. It’s a ring I wear to fend off unwanted male attention.


L-R: New Spirit?, Young Thing?, Personal Taste, On Display…second column: Reflects Rust, Reflects Copper, Fuschia, and then the pigments on the bottom


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