REVIEW: Urban Decay Eye Ink

6 August, 2009

Today I was at ULTA, and they already had out all the fall UD stuff! Crazy, I know. The only thing I had time to swatch was the Eye Ink, but I’ve gotten a very good idea of what to expect from them from the swatches that I did. (I am heavily interested in trying Oil Slick lipstick, though)

The casing itself is absolutely lovely-it’s long and narrow, so it’s perfect for makeup cases. The peacock design on the front appeals to me, and it seems very nice and sturdy. Packaging? I have to give it a solid B+. It’s nothing terribly special, but there is nothing negative, and peacocks automatically raise the grade.

The product inside is really nice, too. The liner is a very thick, creamy liner-it’s thicker than that of MAC’s Fluidlines. It’s not totally transfer-free, as a half hour (maybe more) after putting it on my hand I still get smudging when I rub it. One of the key reasons I tend to go for gel liners is because they smudge less-so these may want to be used with a setting powder, or better yet, use a powder shadow with a liner brush on top. Speaking of a brush, this comes with a dual-end brush. The first end is a slanted liner brush, which is nice, but in the Pyrotechnics that I tried, it was not keeping the angle. It’s good for in a pinch, but it’s not necessarily firm enough. The other end is a slim sponge, which I don’t typically use, but if you like the smudged look it is a must-have. I would use a brush like MAC’s 208 with this, to be honest, but if I wanted the smudged look I would use the sponge end.The colours themselves are decent. Zero was not my favourite of the bunch-I have the liner and shadow already and love them, but this honestly let me down. It just doesn’t come off on my hand as a blackest-black-I would have to layer the shadow over the gel. Demolition is an obvious colour to have-a matte brown (in fact, all of the liners except Pyrotechnics are matte), and to me it made more of an impact than Zero did, with less garishness (some people can’t pull off black liner). Binge is gorgeous, as I love a good blue, and this is a bit darker than royal but brighter than navy. This isn’t necessarily on my wishlist at the moment, mainly cause I would rather get Deviant, but it’s still nice to have.

Empire is the only non-vegan shade of the bunch, but it is gorgeous! It’s everything I wish that Lust or Ransom liners were-creamy, matte, and having good staying power. It’s a nice, regal purple-not blackened, not bright (although I’ll take the bright gladly). Loaded is the standout here, to be honest. It’s a nice kelly green with the best lasting power on my hand of the 6, and it’s also the brightest colour-wise. Of these I would honestly have to say that this is the only one screaming “Rush-Buy!” at me, although I may cave and get Zero and Empire. Finally, we have Pyrotechnics, which is a clear liner with multicoloured glitter particles. This one you will want to make sure to have your own brush when using, because it’s a thicker, less creamy formula (from what I found. It could have been dried out, from sitting open for a long time, but the brush that comes with is nothing to write home about. The liner though? Gorgeous. I like how it’s a clear holographic, as opposed to Spandex which features a much darker base.

Each one of these is $22, and with MAC’s Fluidline selection being anemic, these may be worth it for all you MAC-a-holics to try. Below? My swatches, with smudges from my sweatshirt. Enjoy.

Left to right: Zero, Demolition, Binge, Empire, Loaded, Pyrotechnics (sorry about the quality).


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