FOTD: Smoked Out (31 July 09)

31 July, 2009

Haven’t done one of these in awhile, but my skin has been a total pain in the buttocks, and it’s been so hot and sunny. The weather cooled off a lot today, though:) This is my horrid attempt at a smokey eye, and it is a lot more subtle than what many people do because if there’s one thing I can’t do, it’s a traditional smokey eye. Oh well! Oh yeah, the red spot is a zit that I didn’t get to cover up.


You need:
Eyes: Silver Fog pigment, Urban Decay Zero eyeshadow, Bare Minerals Skyline shadow, Rose Blanc shadow, Silver Dusk iridescent powder
Face: Solar Riche bronzer, On A Mission blush, Silver Dusk iridescent powder
Lips: Pink Manish lipglass

Substitutions: Rose Blanc=Shroom. Solar Riche=your chosen bronzer. On A Mission=Breezy. Pink Manish=Pink Poodle.

Directions: Using a 226’s tip, apply Skyline to the outer third of each eyelid. Use a 231’s flat tip to line the lower lid with Zero, and apply Silver Fog on the lid with the 226. Apply a little more of Skyline on the outer third, and then use the 226 with Zero to put colour into the crease. Blend it with the 217, and then use the 275 to apply Rose Blanc from the crease to the brow. Blend everything well. Use a 181 or similar buffer brush to apply Solar Riche all over, and then use a blush brush to apply On A Mission along the cheekbone. Apply a little bit of the iridescent powder on the cheeks, nose, and under the brow, and finish with a coat of Pink Manish on the lips.



2 Responses to “FOTD: Smoked Out (31 July 09)”

  1. Dena Says:

    that looks so good. I love the subtleness! Maybe a step by step video???

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    Dena xx

    • codekiki Says:

      Ah thank you! I am not good with videos unfortunately; I can’t stand to watch or listen to myself but I will do a step-by-step tutorial here very soon. My camera also does not record videos very well, but I’m glad you liked my attempt at a smokey eye!

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