Too Faced Fall 2009: Naturally Naughty Collection

24 July, 2009

My round-up of the big fall collections has brought me to Too Faced, a brand that I feel deserves a little more attention. It has to compete directly with Urban Decay, and that’s not a good spot! However, the fall collection has some interesting things that I believe are worth a look.

To start out, we have two of their eye kits. TF packages many of their kits like jewelry boxes, which is heaven for a packaging-junkie like myself. First kit we have is the Natural Eye kit, which features 9 shadows, for three different looks. Too Faced is known as “the Hollywood brand” and it’s all about getting that “sexy natural eye”. The three looks-Day, Classic, and Fashion-each come with their own detailed instruction card on how to get that perfect look, which I find to be amazing for not only the amateur beauty fan, but for the person like me who is still learning. Granted, everyone is still learning when it comes to makeup. The other box, in a similar set-up (a large base shadow and two equally-sized smaller contour/shading shadows) is the Smoky Eye kit, with three different smokey eye instruction cards. This one also has the Day, Fashion, and Classic options, although with the kits you are more than welcome to mix and match once you get the hang of it! The little drawer in the kit holds two sponge-tip applicators, but honestly, you can chuck those upon purchase of the kit. To me, they’re like those tags on mattresses and pillows. Each kit retails for $34, and they are perfect for those last-minute gifts.Next up is a product that I particularly am loving the idea of-the Primed and Poreless face primer. This is not only designed to help foundations and makeup go on and stay on like a dream, but it’s also wearable alone to give the sort of look I expect from a tinted moisturizer. The formula features Retinol as well as vitamins A & C and mulberry extract, in order to keep skin hydrated and pretty. The one gripe I have about this is that it does not have SPF, as for a primer I do look for SPF. This retails for $30.

A brand new product is here-it’s the Metal Eyed Liner. This is in the same sort of packaging as the Starry Liner, and let me just tell you, that packaging is an epic FAIL. I had the Super Freak liner and it dried out in two months, and the brush is way too long to be useful. They need to improve the package design, have a shorter and thinner brush, and maybe add some quantity or knock a dollar off the price, because the value is way, way low. These claim (and I seriously believe it!) that they dry fast to a smudge-free finish and that they are multidimensional. The best way to test these? Swim test them! I swimtested Delphic fluidline today, BTW, and it passed. Back to Too Faced though-there are 8 shades here-Blackout (smoldering black), Handcuffs (metallic steel), Get Lucky (sparkling emerald), Dirt Bag (red brown), Twilight (sapphire spark), Brown Sugar (golden brown), Plum Crazy (vivid amethyst), and Shotgun (gunmetal). These will retail for $17.50 each, the same price as the Starry Liners-and I think they’d be worth a look, if for nothing else to see if the packaging has improved.

There are two new shades of their Lip of Luxury lipsticks, which I could not get the exact shades for, sadly. However they are a shea-butter infused lipstick, designed to be, yes, the ultimate luxury. These retail for $18 apiece.

Finally, we have the Absolutely Invisible Candlelight, which is a vitamin and antioxidant-infused face powder designed to replicate the flattering glow that a candle’s light can leave on skin. It says that it can help set makeup if used over foundation and so forth, but I honestly don’t know. It’s a one-tone-fits-all, this being a golden peach that is supposed to help draw attention away from the little imperfections of the face. I am a huge fan of luminizing powders, and this looks to be more subtle than a Mineralize Skinfinish. It also would be great as a highlight for the eyes, or if you do contouring this could be the “high planes” colour of choice for you. This retails for $25, and if you are a MAC fan who is tired of over-shimmery face powders but wants a happy medium between that and the pressed Beauty Powders, this is for you.

The collection is currently available on the Too Faced website, and you can look for it in Sephora and ULTA starting in the next month or so!


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