MAC Baby Blooms and Love That Look Online!

24 July, 2009

So these are MAC’s two late-summer collections, and apparently they launched a week early! I guess it’s to push things up, but it’s insane with so much already launched in the last few months. I already am on a total no-buy for a few weeks, and I’m severely limited on the M-A-C collection that is hitting stores in August. BTW, I am going to the launch party for it, so I will have previews and everything:)

First up, we have Baby Blooms. This isn’t as much about the colour as it is about summer makeup-namely, Studio Moisture Tints and Suntints. First up, the Studio Moisture Tints is a tinted moisturizer. I personally love them, as you get light coverage to smooth things over without the heavy caking of foundation. It’s perfect for people like me who aren’t as into foundation! There are five shades to fit almost any skintone-Light, Medium, Medium Dark, Dark, and Deep Dark. These retail for $29.50 apiece.Next up, we have the Suntints-a squeeze-tube form tinted lip balm with SPF 20 and MAC’s signature vanilla scent (apparently a bit of flavour in these). I have more lip balms than I will probably ever use (blame BBW for that) so these are tenatively a no-go, at least for me personally. I am also glad they did something different than those old Tendertones. Nice, but they do them every year. Each of these Suntints is $14.50. There are five shades total, like the Studio Moisture Tints:
Lilt of Lily-Soft creamy pale pink
Just A Smidge-Soft pastel yellow w/ multicoloured pearl
Pink Tinge-Clean bright yellow pink w/ gold pearl
Full of Grace-Soft sheer rose
Moist Plum-Light lilac with very fine pearl

All in all, if you are into the “no-makeup” look, or if you like having sheer stuff for summer, this is a collection you won’t want to miss. It isn’t one of those life-or-death collections though, at least in my opinion.

Moving onto Love That Look-which some people call “the Starflash Anniversary collection”. To those people? Shut up and stop calling things “anniversary collections”. Instead, call it the “Starflash repromote”. Don’t anniversarize collections, please. So, the Starflash/Pearlglide repromote collection brings back four of the Pearlglide liners from Suite Array, as well as several of the Starflash shadows and some new shades. Full warning: I HATE STARFLASH. Some people loved these to death-you had the rabid depotters who would bring in empties to get a bunch of the shades for free, depot the freebies, and bring them back to get the rest. If you know me, you also know that I think MAC needs to ban the acceptance of depots outright (and many locations luckily now do), as I feel it is cheating the system. The idea is that you are supposed to finish the products, so that it feels gratifying. Back to the Starflash shadows though-I bought Sunset B. right when it came out. I love my pink shadows, so of course this was on my list. What I got was a shadow with little to no colour payoff that I was all too happy to swap away. All the other SF shadows that I tried, I had similar experiences with. It truly was a case of you had to watch the batch. Many batches were good, others just sucked royally. Nonetheless, I am not the kind of person who will completely write off something, as there are a few shades here that I admittedly would give a try and potentially buy (at the CCO). Also Smoke & Diamonds is back, which was one of the undeniable hits last year from MAC (along with Cult of Cherry lipglass, the VAE, Alpha Girl, the Neo-Sci Fi nail polishes, and so forth). On with the carnage!

Here are the shades:
Unbasic White-Bright off-white
Dreammaker-Frosty yellow gold (repromote)
Grand Entrance-Frosty neutral peach beige (repromote)
Ego-Light yellow pink
Style Snob-Dirty pink-brown with gold pearl
Fashion-Light grey green with gold pearl
Smoke & Diamonds-Frosty dirty taupe (repromote)
Fashion Groupie-Light blue violet
One-Off-Midtone green with silver pearl
Rated “R”-Bright yellow green
Strike A Pose-Dirty deep blue-green
Glamour Check-Frosty reddish brown (repromote)

Also back are the Pearlglide eyeliners. These are a very creamy liner with fine multicoloured pearl inside, for a really nice line. These, obviously, are NOT waterline-safe. You don’t want the glitter scratching your eye! These, from swatching, are something that people should give a look at, at the very least.
Rave-Deep purple with purple glitter
Fly-by-Blu-Light blue with blue glitter
Molasses-Dirty brown with midtone brown glitter
Black Russian-Black with navy blue glitter

Each of these is $14.50, and you can use your B2M empties for the shadows-just please do not go on a depotting rampage, and please save some for the insanity that is going to be the fall collections.


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