Smashbox Fall 2009: Reign Collection

23 July, 2009

Yep, it’s July, meaning it’s time for some fall collections to come out! This one, by Smashbox, is the Reign collection. It’s a fairly simple capsule collection, filled with everyone’s favourite dark eyes and so forth. The packaging on this collection is royalty inspired-the blush, eyeshadow, and eyeliner set all come in maroon leatherette cases with a Smashbox crest on the top, while the lipgloss comes with a gold cap and a little chain with a charm on the top of the cap. Even the mascara has a little crown on it-talk about cute.

Onto the good stuff! First up is the mascara. It’s their brand new Lash DNA mascara, that features a helix-style brush designed to get all the lashes. I love the idea of this brush; it’s like the idea behind the Lancome Definicils Pro brush (a curved brush) but better, as it goes all the way around. The shade in this case? Plum. Plum is a very hot shade for eye makeup this fall, as it can enhance any eye colour but is still neutral enough to be worn to the office. This retails for $19, and I am definitely shortlisting a tube of this as my green eyes can’t get enough plummy tones. There are two eyeshadow palettes with this collection, with each one having three “donut” shadows. The exterior of the donut is a shimmery baked shade, while the interior is a matte version of that. It’s also a fairly good colour palette. The Monarch palette has soft gold, copper, and deep brown shades, while the Majesty palette has champagne, cabernet, and black shades. Aside from how pretty the palettes are and how they look, I am loving the fact that they included both matte and shimmery versions of each shade, so that you can play around with textures and placements of the shadows. Do I feel another lemming coming on? I think so! Not to mention I am a packaging junkie, and these are absolutely gorgeous! These will retail for $42 each.

Going along the palette route, we have the Jet Set eyeliner palette. This features four shades of a waterproof gel liner-a best-seller (matte black), and then three newbies-matte deep brown, metallic bronze, and metallic deep gold. The palette claims to be airtight, which is important when dealing with gel or cream-based products. It says that it stays blendable for 60 seconds before drying down to a budge-proof finish, and yes, like I mentioned earlier, it’s waterproof. This would be good for the beach as I am trying to get to the beach early and get some uninterrupted swim time in before the lifeguards come out, and I don’t want to go full-face because I don’t want mascara all down my cheeks (and I can’t get waterproof just yet). It also comes with an actual brush-a miniature bent eyeliner brush. Smashbox is very good about the brushes they include with their sets, and in this case, this looks to be very, very workable. I certainly hope that including decent brushes in palettes and sets becomes de rigeur and not just a trend of now with people going back to those damned spongetip applicators…Anyway, this palette is $48.

In this collection, there is one lipgloss-Crowned, which is a soft peachy pink. It does, at least to me, look to have some pearl to it, and it’s a really nice everyday gloss. The important thing with a smokey eye is to have a nice, nude lip, and this fits the bill for that (in fact that is the intention). Like I said earlier, the packaging is special-it’s a gold cap with a chain and crown charm hanging off of it, and the little crown on the tube itself. The gloss is $19, and while I have heard good things about the Smashbox glosses, I may have to pass-I am wanting to try more of the Benefit glosses, and I rarely ever do nudes for the lip.

Can’t have a collection without lip colour now, can we? This time, it’s the Doubletake lip colour, which is a dual-ended pencil: liner on one end, lipstick on the other. There are two shades. The Amaretto features a nude pink liner and a creamy peachy pink lip colour, while the Currant features a deep wine-coloured liner and a deep berry red lip colour. The pencil is also marked with what each end is for, in case there was any confusion. I personally love the idea of a dual ended lipstick/liner, but at the same time the liner part is very chunky. Still though, this is an easy way to save space in a purse or makeup bag! These will retail for $22 each.

Finally, there is the Reign Fusion Blush, which definitely looks interesting. It’s hard to tell from the pictures, but it is actually like a puzzle with blocks of both a matte and a shimmery peachy-nude shade, for the perfect cheek colour to go with those smokey eyes that everyone assumes everyone will be doing this fall. (NOT ME!) I do like how they set it up though, so that there is both a matte and a shimmer, and of course, the best part? The compact. Gotta love it. This will retail for $32.

Currently the full selection is available at, however you can also get most of the products at Nordstrom. Happy shopping!


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