Estee Lauder Private Collection: Jasmine White Moss

23 July, 2009

One thing that Aerin Lauder, the founder of Estee Lauder, does is she creates “Private Collection” fragrances that are not only pricier, but more complex formulations. She also comes out with a bottle of the perfume with semiprecious stones in the cap, where no two caps are exactly alike thanks to the natural variations of the stones. Anywhoo, this is the third fragrance in the collection, following the Gardenia Tuberose and Amber Ylang Ylang. The fragrance itself was apparently originally thought up over 20 years ago, but it was kept in a vault until recently, when it was rediscovered and Aerin added some notes in order to make the perfume a more complete work of art.

The perfume itself is described as being a “green floral chypre”, opening up with black currant, galbanum, and bergamot absolute, delving into a heart of Aerin’s jasmine sambac, Estee Lauder’s ylang ylang, EL’s jasmine, violet, orange flower, and orris, drying down to a base of patchouli, vetiver, and an Estee Lauder exclusive, “white moss mist”. The important thing to note here is that most of these are absolutes, which definitely justifies the price tag as you are going to get a truer and longer-lasting fragrance. Chypres are one kind of fragrance that I normally do NOT do, as patchouli is my most-hated perfume note. Moss, meanwhile, makes my allergies act up, and I have an issue with bergamot. However this is a very interesting fragrance, at least from looking at the notes, because you have green notes right to the bottom, and a little fruity note from the black currant. I may have to give this one at least a smell, because patchouli and bergamot are not always deal breakers, and sometimes there can be a perfume with a ton of notes that I hate that somehow manages to make me like it!The main thing in this is, of course, the perfume. The one-ounce is $80, with a 2.5 ounce being $135. The bottles are quite lovely-sometimes simpler perfume bottles can be more appealing, because it’s how the artists work with the glass to create the shape of the bottle. In this case, it’s a rectangular bottle, more wide than long, with a hammered-goldtone cap, for a bottle that begs to be in the front of your perfume tray. Also in the perfumes, you have the luxe edition, which is a one-ounce with the semi-precious gemstones inlaid in the cap, for a truly vanity-pleasing perfume. This edition is $325, which admittedly is out of my price range for a perfume at this time, but if I had the money I would absolutely love this!

You also have to have bodycare, and in this case, there is a 6.4 ounce tub of the body cream. I am not a huge fan of moisturizers in tubs, as I have longer fingernails, and I hate picking lotion out of my nails. The packaging, like the perfume bottles, is relatively simple. It’s a plain white jar with the information printed in a gold-coloured text on the jar. Personally, for my body care, I like an elaborate package, so this wouldn’t cut it for me, but for some people simplicity is best.

Finally, we have one thing that Estee Lauder has become known for-solid perfumes. Every Christmas there are little decorative figurines released that have one of her fragrances in solid perfume inside, and these have become collector’s items. Some are relatively simple, while others can be in the shape of globes, little cars, candy canes, and more. I admittedly want the Tuberose Gardenia one, as that fragrance is amazing. Anyways, this has-what else-solid fragrance. It’s a square-shaped amulet that can be worn as a necklace (via the given chain), and down the middle of the necklace there are the semi-precious gemstones. A lot of perfume companies have been doing the solid perfumes that are wearable, and I think it’s a genius idea IF executed correctly. Many times though the necklace is too bulky and it just looks too juvenile. This, though, is an exception-I would wear it! It’s absolutely gorgeous! It retails for $195, so it won’t be on my neck anytime soon, but a girl can dream can’t she?

The fragrance is now online at I think it’s a good way to add diversity to the Private Collection-Amber Ylang Ylang is more of the musky exotic, while Tuberose Gardenia is the sultry floral, and this is the fresh wonder.


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