Chanel Fall 2009: Venice Collection

23 July, 2009

Our next fall collection comes to us courtesy of Chanel, and the inspiration comes from Mlle Chanel’s love of Venice. This is quite the large and interesting collection, so let’s dive in!

First up is the exclusive Eye Gloss palette. This features four shades of a glossy cream shadow-pearl, soft gold, black, and blackened-red. One of the things for fall is that it’s not only going to be about what shades you are wearing, but the various different textures. MAC, for example, is doing Grease Paintsticks and is heavily promoting the Gloss texture. This palette is $65, however I honestly think that this would be a wise investment if you are a fan of different sorts of textures. It says that it is a unique gel-cream formulation, which piques my interest because normally I avoid creams due to creasing, but I love gels to death. The eyeshadow quad is absolutely gorgeous. This quad is the Murano quad, and it features mossy green, a green shimmer, a seafoam green, and a light pink, for a really pretty combination. I like how they put the pink in with the greens, as it makes this more versatile. I have been wanting to try a few Chanel quads anyway, and if I get the money this may be the first! This retails for $56.

There is the Poudre Douce, which is “the convenience of a pressed powder but the beauty of a loose powder” and is designed to be a light-tinted powder with light reflecting pigments in order to reduce imperfections and give the skin a lovely looking glow. Joining the already-released shades is Peche Caresse, which is a creamy peach. At $50, this is a bit above my typical price point for cosmetics, however it does look appealing because I like a loose, light-reflecting powder to help draw attention away from my many acne scars.

The blush with this collection is one of the “Les Tissages”, which is a tweed-textured blusher that has many different complementary shades “woven” together to get a nice coherent look. This one is Tweed Sienna, which is a bronzey neutral, and quite a nice one at that. I would absolutely get a few of these, just not the Sienna-I tend to like pinks and plums for my cheeks. These are $45 each, and honestly, I’d get one or two of these over say, a few MAC blushes.

My favourite Chanel products are the Glossimers-they are the big-girl lipgloss. Some have shimmer, some don’t, but all of them, for the most part, are day-to-day wearable. They are fairly non-sticky as well, which is why I advise people looking for a gloss to go for Chanel: double the price of MAC, yes. But worth it it is! This collection features two new shades. Arlequin isn’t as interesting-it’s a nude gold. However Courtisane, a red-pink, looks absolutely gorgeous! I am hoping to eventually track down Erotic and Electric Glossimers, because they were nice brighter shades, and this looks to fit the bill of what I would wear. These are $27 each, but the money is worth it.

Also for the lips are six new shades of the Rouge Allure lip colour. Instinctive (a nude pink), Clandestine (brick red), Intuitive (pink brown), Amusing (rich rosewood), Comedia (a pink rose), and Captive (a red brown) are the fall colours, and there should be something for everyone. I personally would go Clandestine, as I do love my reds, but Comedia would be a nice, everyday colour. I have heard nothing but good reviews about the Chanel formula, and for me, I find that some of the more expensive lipsticks just feel like, as some people would say, “sex on the lips”. I know that’s a bad analogy, but it’s the only one that came to mind. These are $30 each.

We can’t have a collection without liners-and this features two eyeliners and one lip liner. I do not know if the eyeliners are permanent, though. Espresso, a deep brown, and Celadon (emerald green) are the shades to choose from, and the nice thing? These are all waterproof shades, perfect for the beach or for those sappy movie cry-fests that I try to avoid (and successfully do, which is easy when you don’t have any friends…but that’s not the point). Each of the liners is $28. Meanwhile, the lip liner is Praline d’Or, a nude brown, and the nice thing is that there’s not only a double-bladed sharpener (I would venture to say in the cap) but there is a brush on the other end to help facilitate blending. Not a sponge, like what many brands use, but a brush. I love that idea. Each liner is $28 as well, but I would definitely stick to one that works for you and not just get this one if you don’t really do nude lips that often (ie me).

Finally, there are two brand new nail polishes in this collection, which have become one of the things that people go crazy over for from Chanel. Intermezzo is a white pearl, which is the sort of colour that everybody should have in their nail polish repetoire. Gondola, meanwhile, is a maroon shimmer, and a very nice colour for people who want something dark but still fun, and who are not wanting to get into the whole matte nails craze for the fall. (I don’t blame them) Each polish is $23, which isn’t a total deal-killer for me, but I have so many colours similar to these that I can pass.

This collection is already available on, and you can look for it at your favourite counters by the end of next month!


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