Illamasqua Now At Sephora!

22 July, 2009

The day is finally here! The hottest new name in beauty among those who like their makeup to be bright and artistic, Illamasqua is making its first foray onto US soil via Sephora. I have a feeling it will be like Make Up Forever and for the most part be exclusive to Sephora, which is fine by me as I have multiple Sephora locations within 30 miles:) While I have not been able to try these yet, I will give a rundown of some of the products in the line.

First up, we have the lipsticks. There are 26 shades to choose from, and for matte lip lovers, all but three are matte. The variety is absolutely insane-in addition to the usual pinks and reds, you have Pristine (a matte black), Underworld (an iridescent violet), Liv (a matte lavender pink), and Trash (metallic gold shimmer). These are not vegan friendly, as there is beeswax, however if you don’t have issues with beeswax and bugs these will work. I want Scandal, Resist, Encounter, Blaze, Corrupt, and Underworld-and potentially more when I see them in person this fall. These will retail for $20 each and to me, they seem worth it. One interesting thing to me is the Liquid Metal. I am a huge fan of metallic looks and liquid metal would make an especially striking eyeliner over a neutral eye. There are two shades-Enrapture (copper) and Solstice (gold) and they retail for $24 each. The thing is that you don’t get a whole lot of product-.05 ounce-however I have a feeling it’s a fairly lightweight formulation. I know my Fluidline is .1 ounce, but then again you never know.

Do you love pigments? There are pure pigments here, and the thing I love? They all have shimmer to them. The selection of shades, admittedly, is low right now. There is quite a range on their website, with many products being exclusive to Europe. Involve (a purple), Conquer (forest green), and Chasm (golden turquoise) are the shades I am most interested in, and Marvel looks nice although I wonder how similar it is to MAC’s Golden Lemon. These retail for $24 each, and oh yeah, you get way less product than a MAC pigment, which makes me wonder if these are fairly lightweight. You get .04 ounce, compared to .26 of a MAC pigment. Then again, I could be messed up.

On the lipgloss front, you have what many people consider to be a star of the Illamasqua line-an intensely-pigmented squeeze-tube gloss that is non-sticky and lasts. The range on the website is insane, as there are yellows, teals, and blacks-while on Sephora, there are mainly pinks and corals. I honestly though think that I could get use out of all of these but especially Petulant (hot magenta), Temper (bright tangerine), Indulge (neon pink), and Mistress (bright coral orange). You get .2 ounce per tube, which is triple the amount of a Dazzleglass from MAC, so value is definitely there. There are also more sheer glosses, with sheens or tints to amp up a look big-time. Divine and Lily-Rose are good for people who want to ease into colours but can’t go for the heavy colours, due to either personal tastes or their job. The glosses are $19 each, and I love the slimline squeeze tube!

Eyeshadows, eyeshadows, eyeshadows. The thing I hate? Only 7 of these are not mattes. While I like a matte for the lip, I do not touch them for the eyes. Shame, since there are some great colours. Vapour (a tangerine), Sadist (royal blue), Melodrama (deep turquoise), Imagine (Periwinkle), Fiasco (peacock blue), Dare (lime green), Fame (vibrant green), Anja (sky blue), and Bloom (pale yellow) are all colours that look interesting, as there are a LOT of colours that MAC does not carry even in its pro line. For that, I will give these a try. My main beef with matte shadows is that typically they have no staying powder, they are chalky, and it takes a lot of work to get them right, but I will give these a go. They are $20 each, so not that bad of a value-you get a bit more than a MAC shadow.

Honestly, though, the nail polishes are a huge standout. At $14 each, they are pricey, but they are the same size as an Essie or OPI polish, which is important-if it’s pricey, it better have the quantity. Rare (neon yellow), Whack (tangerine), Wayward (taxicab yellow), Phallic (shimmery midnight blue), Milf (mint green), Loella (shimmery candy pink), Fern (shimmery bright sky blue), Collide (neon pink), and Baptiste (shimmery royal purple) are all colours that are on my must-have list. I do not know about their wearability yet, however this is a nice range of everyday colours and brights and vampy shades, so everyone will have their bases covered.

This is just a small capsule preview of the collection! If you want to see the entire line of Sephora-available products, head over to the Sephora website right now. Also, the Illamasqua website will have their full selection of products, as well as products that will ship to the US that are not on the Sephora site.


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