Review: Benefit Eye Pencils

20 July, 2009

The short story? These eye pencils seriously rock.

Okay, you didn’t come for the short story, so here’s a bit of background: Benefit makes several different chunky pencils for the eye, and they are all super-amazing. Some are designed to make a look more edgy, others are just for brightening-but whatever they may be, I love them.

Let’s start out with my favourite, the original BadGal. This is a chunky black liner that is designed to give a simple eye that bad-girl edge. I love to use it on my waterline, as it’s a stiff liner that doesn’t tug, as well as a lower liner to give any look that nice edge. I find that pencil liners are a lot more forgiving in some cases than using a brush with a powder eyeshadow, and this isn’t so harsh that it makes me look like a wannabe Goth (no offence to the Goths out there, I just don’t try and do the heavy black/white makeup). Mistakes are easy to clean up with this, too. I personally would not use this as a top liner because I rarely topline with a pencil-I typically use gel, liquid, cream, or powder. Not pencil. Otherwise though, this is an eyeliner pencil that all makeup fanatics should have, especially the ones who love doing that dramatic smokey eye. There is also BadGal Waterproof, which is a slimmer liner (yay!) and comes with a smudger tip (not as necessary to me, but they are popular), for the same price ($20 each).

Gilded is the next pencil, and man is it gorgeous! It’s described as a “tequila gold” and it’s an easy way to make your eyes pop. Gold is a colour that works anytime, be it for job interviews, playing around at the beach, or going to that ultra-swanky party, and if you love golds, neutrals, or makeup that can go from day to play, this pencil is a must-have for you. It says it can also be used on the lips, but I personally wouldn’t use it there since I don’t do golds on the lips. The thickness of it would also make it a good eyeshadow pencil, but if you were to do that I would advise using a good base with it to avoid creasing, just because I have trouble with stuff creasing like the dickens on me. It does seem like it would be blendable though, so if you wanted to smudge this into BadGal it would create a fun, interesting look.

Mr. Frosty (love that name!) is a soft shimmery white pencil that is designed to be a fun highlight. This is one that I would definitely use as an all-over for when I do my frosty looks, as well as blend it in under the brow for a nice highlight. I found it to be very soft, as far as colour goes-you are not going to get a stark white. Comparing this with Eye Bright, this is one that is much more subtle. They have the Ms. Popularity highlighter, which is very similar albeit in a loose powder form, but if you are on the go all the time Mr. Frosty would be good. Not to mention it’s also good to brighten up the eyes!

To that Eye Bright-Eye Bright is a fairly low shimmer/matte pale pink pencil, and it is bright. It is called a “nap in a stick”, and while I only got to swatch this one on my hand, I can only imagine how it would look on the waterline. Long nights and tiring days would be erased, well at least the looks of them. This would also be a great eyeshadow base in my opinion, as well as something for those inner corners of the eye in order to get them looking not-so-dark. This also could be smudged on as an under-brow highlight, because of how light it is, but I would personally go Mr. Frosty instead.

Finally, on the note of pale pinks, there is the High Brow, which is, you guessed it, a brow highlight pencil. This says that one stroke will help give the appearance of a lifted brow, and I definitely believe it! Pink is very flattering on all skin tones, and this is a pale pink that will work even better. Benefit is a brand that has a big focus on brows and creating that perfect natural look for you, and a highlight is absolutely essential, in my book, in order to create the perfect brow.

All of the pencils retail for $20 each, and I definitely think that everyone should own BadGal and then one of the highlight pencils. Why are there so many highlights? Benefit is about quick beauty fixes, and so you have pencils that will give your eyes a refreshed look or make your brows look wow-worthy, in addition to the other products in the Benefit line, which include many multi-taskers. And let’s face it: every now and then, you need minimum product with maximum impact.


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