REVIEW: OPI Designer Series

16 July, 2009

Today, as I was downtown, I happened to come across some of the OPI DS polishes. The DS stands for designer series, and the price tag is definitely higher-$12.50 a bottle, as opposed to $8.50 for a regular bottle. However, it is worth it. Why? I’ll tell you all why.

First off, the idea is that these colours are like “jewels on your fingertips”. They are formulated with diamond dust, as well as a semi-holographic shimmer, which really draws attention to the nails. The colours are all jeweltones, so a lot of pinks, some reds, and then some neutrals, along with a sapphire. The colour I got, DS Couture, is a rose, and one that is good for someone who wants to have a little fun with their nails but doesn’t want to get into bright colours. The shimmer in this is definitely borderline glitter, but it is super-fine-think finer than MAC’s Reflects glitter. I almost think I could get away with it for my upcoming cosmetics interview, but if you don’t like a ton of glitter you may want to pass on these.Second, it’s a really nice formulation. It’s light, like some like Lemonade Stand By Your Man, but it’s nearly opague with two coats, which I need. The shimmer actually helps to downplay inevitable flaws, for instance I had two nails get smudges. I just touched up that area and it blended in nicely, and one of them has a little lump but if it was a cream or matte polish, it would not look as good-in some cases, I actually have to redo the entire nail, or worse, the entire manicure.

Finally, we have the diamond dust. All of the DS products are formulated with diamond dust, which not only adds to the overall shine and luster of the polish, but it helps the wearability. There is a base coat and a top coat as a part of the DS line, and the base coat is actually supposed to help improve the condition of the nails while the top coat adds shine and durability. I have only had it on for a few hours, to be honest, but the real test will be the shower test: if I take a shower and have no chips in my polish, it will have passed the test. Even the polish itself has a very high-shine finish: some reviews have said it’s almost glassy, and they are right-it is very high-shine.

Overall, this is a 5-star product. There is a wide range of shades-12 out now, as well as several that you may currently be able to track down at Trade Secret-so you will be bound to find something that you will like, unless you are a total creme/matte girl. The one kicker is the price, however I honestly believe that the perks that this brings over a regular OPI polish make it worth the extra $4.


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