It’s Survey Time!

15 July, 2009

Haven’t done one of these in awhile-figure I ought to do it!

Part of my face I like the best: My eyes (they are big), my eyebrows (they are naturally thick, as opposed to super thin ones. I know I need to get them waxed but I haven’t been able to afford it)

Part of my face I like the least: My mouth/smile-it’s too small for my face, I hate my teeth, and my upper lip is tiny

Lipstick I wore: MAC Port Red

Perfume I wore today: Jean Paul Gaultier “Ma Dame”

Makeup trend I cannot stand: Shaved off and redrawn eyebrows, especially at unnatural locations, or worse yet, bad permanent makeup.Biggest stress: My big cosmetics interview next Wednesday and preparing a good portfolio, getting two more references from my church, and finishing the week at VBS while keeping my sanity.

Favourite current skincare product: AVON Clearly C Vitamin C serum-amazing for fading acne scars. I still have acne scars and so forth from when I was younger, and if I am trying to get a cosmetics position acne scars are a no. Gotta have nice skin!

Currently wanting: The Sexy Graffiti perfume set that the Parfumerie had, a slice of cheesecake, a Boca burger, and a couple more lattes.

The weather is: Sunny, somewhat warm. Even hotter tomorrow.

Plans for tomorrow: VBS til 12:30. Head downtown to Sephora to play with some Benefit stuff. Come home to chores galore. It’s going to suck.


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