FOTD: Beelicious (15 July 09)

15 July, 2009

First thing first, apologies for the lack of looks and posts lately. I have been busy with volunteering with my church and other household duties, and I am in the process of interviewing for a cosmetics job with a prestige brand that I will not name:) I definitely felt like doing a fun look today though. It honestly is a look that most people would not wear out of the house, or at least without a costume, because it is a very bright look. All the more fun for me though! This wasn’t the look I wore earlier today, but that was boring and thus did not deserve posting.


You need:
Eyes: Benefit BadGal Lash, Benefit BadGal eyeliner, Rose Blanc eyeshadow, Yellow Scream CCB, Bright Future eyeshadow, UD Zero eyeshadow, Gold Dusk pigment
Lips: Goldyrocks Dazzleglass

Substitutions: Rose Blanc=Shroom. Yellow Scream=no dupe. Bright Future=Bright Sunshine. Gold Dusk=Vanilla. Goldyrocks=Bare Necessity.

Directions: After applying mascara, apply the BadGal liner on both the waterline and the lower lid. Apply Yellow Scream over the eyelid with a concealer brush, and then apply Bright Future over that to set the cream and get a nice bright yellow. Using a 209, apply a line of the Zero shadow right at the top lash line, going out to a little bit of a winged look at the end. Make sure to connect the top and bottom eyeliner lines, followed by a little dusting of Bright Future under the black line on the outer portion of the eye. Use a little bit of Gold Dusk in the crease, and then apply Goldyrocks on the lips.




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