It’s Double Nordstrom GWP!

10 July, 2009

This starts next Friday, for the Anniversary sale, but I figured I would post these ASAP!

First up is the $90 value Lancome gift, yours free with a $29.50 purchase. The nice thing about Nordstrom gifts? Choices. As in, choose your colours. For that, you can choose your lipstick-Amande Sucree or Pink to the Club. The latter is one that I haven’t seen in GWP sets, so that may be the better choice. You also get an eyeshadow quad, which I believe has Daylight and then Bikini Golden, but I could be wrong. I’ll update it with the shades when I figure them out. You also get the requisite mini of Definicils, a BiFacil eyemakeup remover, and then Cream Radiance cleanser, plus your choice of Renergie Microlift R.A.R.E., or the High Resolution Anti-Wrinkle Cream. To top it all off, you get a tote in either red or blue, with black trim. If it looks familiar, it’s because it’s the exact same base design as the orange Macy’s GWP tote in 2007 (that I proudly own, BTW). It’s a very handy tote though, with two side pockets for anything you need. Meanwhile, the Estee Lauder gift is a trio of bags, as they tend to be. I like that though, as one can be for brushes, one for regular makeup, and one as a catch-all. You then get the Artist’s Eye Pencil in black, the ReNutriv lifting cream, Wild Ginger lipstick (an exclusive!), a 9-shadow palette, and of course, your More than Mascara. I did a review on the More than Mascara, and I absolutely love it. The lipstick does look appealing as well, and you gotta love a 9-shadow palette. Estee Lauder herself was the woman who popularized the GWP at the cosmetics counters, so leave it to her to have something good.

As far as upcoming GWP’s, expect a Lancome one at Macy’s in August, and at Nordie’s again in September. Expect a Clinique gift at Macy’s in October as well.

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