Some Makeup-Related News

9 July, 2009

First off, I have it, on authority from a friend of mine, that Illamasqua is going to be rolling out in Sephora this fall! It is a UK-based brand known for its innovative products, and it has garnered a cult-like following from makeup addicts and artists alike, for its wide range of products (paler foundations, insane lipgloss colours, to name a few) and ease of use. I have heard that it will be hitting Times Square at the end of this month, with a full roll-out by the fall. I don’t think we will see some of the crazier colours, however it will be nice for them to have more makeup brands. Some people even prefer Illamasqua to MAC or Makeup For Ever! It’s the hottest new brand, and it will soon be here in the US.

Second, I have two MAC-related notes. First up, I have gotten confirmation that there will NOT be permanent Reflects Glitters at MAC stores, from the MAC store itself. I had heard a rumour that there would be two permanent ones becoming a part of the line, as well as two all-new ones, however that is not true. I will get to glitters in a moment though. Second up, the ginormous Makeup Art Cosmetics collection, or M-A-C as I know it, is set to launch in all stores on the 20th of August. HOWEVER, it is a party collection, meaning that on the 11th of August, there will be launch parties, and the freestanding I usually go to will be having it this time around! This collection WILL feature four glitters-all repromotes. You have two Reflects-Reflects Rust, and Reflects Copper. Both are great, neutral, workable shades. Then you have two regular glitters-Fuschia and Gold. I already have Gold, and it’s a really nice, easy-to-work-with glitter. Not as easy as the Reflects, but still a nice one to have.


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