MAC Colour Craft Now Online! (Updated)

7 July, 2009

As of right now (midnight on Tuesday), there isn’t the page for it up yet, however there are the products! I am guessing it will be two displayers-one for the face, the other colour. On with the carnage! I will be doing a review of this on Thursday so stay tuned.

Mineralize Eyeshadow Quad: This features four shades of MES in a sort of quartered design-like if you drew a line horizontally and vertically through the center, and had a different colour in each one. ($19.50)
Eccentricity: Rich gold/light violet/rich bronze/deep plum
Assemblage: Silver white/deep grey/yellow gold/black with silver glitter
Girlish Romp: Dirty violet/yellow white/midtone pink/pastel coral
Fashion Patch: Ice blue/off white/white pink/black with silver glitter
Natural Flare: Copper/yellow orange/rich gold/dirty brown
Odd Bits: Silver grey/dusty rose/peachy bronze/dark burgundyLipstick ($14)
Most Popular-Yellow-toned purple (Lustre, repromote from Hello Kitty)
Madly Creative-Neutral pink w/ white pearl (Frost)
Trimming Talk-Bright fuschia (Frost)
Colour Crafted-Milky pink (Frost)
Ever Embellish-Plum-brown with red pearl (Lustre)
Made With Love-Bright coral pink (Lustre)

Marbled Lipglass: This is a square-tubed lipglass with three shades of gloss swirled together, to get a marbled look. ($18)
Funky Fusion-Pinky coral (cream)
Pretty Pattern-Warm dirty beige (frost)
Crazy Haute-Blue pink (cream)
Miss Marble-Muted pink (cream)
Eclectic Edge-Cool violet (frost)
Nice Mix-Up-Burnt ginger (frost)

Mineralize Blush: A baked blush featuring multicoloured veining. ($21)
Hand-Finish: Light pink w/ gold veining
Improvise: Light neutral coral w/ light gold veining
Fad-Dabulous: Dirty coral w/ yellow gold veining
Cheek & Cheerful: Midtone bronze-y brown w/ yellow gold veining
Style Demon: Dirty brick red w/ copper veining
Daft Pink: Deep blue pink w/ light white yellow veining

Mineralize Skinfinish: Three of these shades are the mono MSF’s, while the bottom three are trios with stripes of the colours listed. ($27)
Porcelain Pink: Soft pinky coral w/ gold veining (Repromote from High Tea)
Cheeky Bronze: Soft golden coral w/ bronze pearl
Sunny By Nature: Rich bronze w/ pink pearl
Triple Fusion: Soft champagne gold/soft golden pink/rose pink w/ gold pearl
Smooth Merge: Soft champagne pink/deep rose/pale cool pink
Warm Blend: Antiqued gold/mahogany bronze/copper

109-Blush brush. This is a very popular brush, as the small head allows precision blush application.
131-Duo-fiber powder/blush brush. A flat duo-fiber brush, this is designed to really highlight and contour well. ($40)
226-Tapered blending brush. The small head on this brush is perfect for precision work, as well as shadow application and applying colour in the crease. ($24.50)


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