FOTD: Americana (4 July 2009)

4 July, 2009

Happy Independence Day! I personally don’t really observe this holiday, but it gave me inspiration for this look, so all is good. It’s a fairly easy look, too.


You need:
Eyes: Estee Lauder More than Mascara, Rose Blanc eyeshadow, Royal Flush pigment, Mutiny pigment, Crystal Avalanche eyeshadow, UD Dime liner, Reflects Blue glitter
Cheeks: Lune Blushcreme, Tippy blush
Lips: Love Alert DazzleglassSubstitutions: Rose Blanc=Shroom. Royal Flush=Coppering. Mutiny=MUFE 83. Lune=Lilicent (not a great dupe). Tippy=Pink Swoon.

Directions: Apply Rose Blanc from the crease to the brow with a 275, for a lighter look than a 252. Use a 231 to apply Crystal Avalanche on the middle of the eyelid, and use a 231 to apply Royal Flush on the inner third. Use a different 231, or a 219, to apply Mutiny on the outer third. Use a small blending brush to blend it well-the look should be equal thirds and no harsh lines. Apply Dime as a lower liner, and use a 212 to apply Reflects Blue over that, followed by using a small brush to apply it in the crease and on the outer corner. Sweep Lune along the cheekbones and apply a smidge of Tippy on the apple of the cheek before buffing up and out. Finally, two coats of Love Alert and you are done!




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