FOTD: Cool Summer (3 July 09)

3 July, 2009

Right now, it is hotter than Hades here, and I need to look nice and presentable-so I do lots of fun, bright looks. This doesn’t really melt off in the heat, and I love my green eyes! I don’t typically do purples during the summer though, for some odd reason-but what can I say, I am trying to use up my Beautiful Iris.


You need:
Eyes: Estee Lauder More than Mascara, Crystal Avalanche eyeshadow, Beautiful Iris eyeshadow, Cranberry eyeshadow, Coppering eyeshadow, UD Peace shadow, UD Fishnet shadow
Cheeks: Estee Lauder Pink Kiss blush, Tippy blush, Solar Riche bronzer, Glissade MSF
Lips: Funtabulous DazzleglassSubstitutions: Tippy=Pink Swoon. Solar Riche=your favourite bronzer. Glissade=Soft & Gentle, lightly applied.

Directions: Use a 252 to apply Crystal Avalanche from the crease to the brow, and use a brush of your choice to apply Beautiful Iris on the eyelid. Use a small blender to apply Coppering in the crease, and Cranberry on the outer corner. Apply Fishnet as a top liner with the 209, and then Peace as a lower liner with a 231, making the line thicker toward the outer corner. Apply mascara, and then use a blush brush of your choice to apply Pink Kiss on the cheekbone. Use Solar Riche all over the cheek, on the nose, and on the chin, and then dot Tippy on the apple of the cheek. Finish off with Glissade on the cheekbones, and then one coat of Funtabulous on the lips.



2 Responses to “FOTD: Cool Summer (3 July 09)”

  1. anonymous Says:

    if you stopped bulging your eyes, and maybe smiled, you’d look a lot less, uhh.. scary.. you kind of look like a deer caught in headlights…
    you have some really nice looks though, and i appreciate all the just tryna help out..

    • codekiki Says:

      I can’t help the thing with my eyes-they are naturally that way, and they also are very sensitive. My face has never translated well onto photographs. As far as smiling, I do not smile for close-ups. I hate my teeth, and I hate my smile-I look a lot better when I don’t. It’s also my face shape, because my face is very long and my mouth is fairly small.

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