Urban Decay Fall 2009

2 July, 2009

Alrighty, these just got posted on the website, and there’s so much epic win in here, I’m faint!

First up, we have the Eye Ink. I did a post on them last week, however we have more info. The black is called-what else-Zero. I kinda have an issue with things called Zero for a completely stupid reason, but oh well. They will retail for $22 each-and they are all vegan except for Empire, the purple shade. Also there are the Complexion Primer Potions, which I did another little blurb about. They retail for $30 and you can get them on the Sephora website as well as at urbandecay.com. Also joining those are two new primers-a vegan lash primer, and a lip primer. The lash primer is something that is similar to Lancome’s Cils Booster, and at $17, it’s cheaper than anything else I have seen. The lip primer, meanwhile, features vitamins A, C, and E with SPF 15, and it will retail for $20.In the eyeshadow realm, we have three brand new Deluxe shadows. I love the Deluxe shadows, not just the packaging (a mirrored compact with art that is different for each shade) but they last forever. Two of them are purples. Freakshow is a deep purple with red sheen, while Frigid is a deep purple with blue sheen. The third, Ruthless, is a pale sandy taupe with shimmer. I actually like it because it’s a cooler-toned, more neutral shade for a highlight-Scratch is way too pink for many people to use as a highlight. They retail for $18 each.

There are new lip products as well. Two new shades of 24/7 Lip Liner-Wallflower (a medium nude), and Paranoid (a dark pinky nude) will join three new lipsticks-Oil Slick (glossy black with silver pearl), Naked (creamy pink-nude), and Confession (semi-sheer deep burgundy).

On the note of foundation, there are 8 shades of the new Surreal Skin Cream-to-Powder foundation, for all skin types. They retail for $34, however ALL shades of this are vegan-friendly. There are also four new dark shades of the Surreal Skin mineral foundation, which I am sure will be very much appreciated. Those will also run $34.

I believe that’s that as far as new things go. The items are exclusive to the UD website for now, however the Complexion PP is available at Sephora’s website. However, on the UD website, you can get great deals on the Best of Urban set in Baked-which has the Heavy Metal liner of the same name, Half Baked shadow, Bourbon mini 24/7 liner, and of course the little UDPP-for $20. The Book of Shadows, apparently though, has sold out, sadly.


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