REVIEW: VS Beauty Rush Lemonita

2 July, 2009

Today, I happened to be at VS shopping their Half-Yearly Sale, and in addition to all the great things, I found this gem in the 75% off bins of beauty stuff. I figured that anything with “lemon” in the name would attract me like flies to stink, and trust me, it was worth it!

Now at many VS stores, they will continue to have some of the beauty and fashion clearance items out for awhile, in order to help increase sales. I only buy VS stuff that is on sale, so it’s good for somebody like myself. The three items that I got were the Body Glimmer Creme, the Body Drink Lotion, and the Fragrance Mist. Each retails for $12, but I got them for $3 each. You can get the body drink lotion online still for 3/$25, which is a darn good deal in and of itself. Fragrance-wise, this is definitely a very good summer fragrance. It’s total lemonade goodness for you. It’s not overly sugary or sweet, like the old Hello Sugar (from BBW) was, but it’s not a pure lemon like the CO Bigelow Lemon. You get a little sweetness, a little tart, and all sorts of yummy. This came as a part of their Pool Party collection, along with Frostea (an iced tea) and Coolada (probably a pina colada). I can’t really do tea scents, and anything with coconut will get me kicked out of the house, so Lemonita it is. The lasting power is not very strong, as you would expect-but this is what I call a “beach-bag fragrance”-I toss the lotion and spray in my beach bag to give me a light hint of fragrance without totally turning to something rank. I like something that I can spray all over or use all over-and admittedly, many of my strong fragrances are much better suited for at-home use.

The Body Chiller Mist, as I believe it is called, is your nice, light fragrance spray. It is not one you wear for lasting power, rather an all-over spritz. It sure feels good in this hot weather we’ve been having! It comes out in a nice, fine spray-which I love. I know the old shimmer mists come out in a very dense spray (probably due to the shimmer) while the BBW fragrance mists come out in a fairly dense spray as well. It’s something that will get a lot of at-home use, however I have so damn many fragrance mists and such that never get touched and I have a feeling this may be one of them.

The Body Drink Lotion comes in a squeeze-tube, which I like. You get 6.7 ounces for the $12 price tag, which is not that bad when you think about it. It’s a very thin formula, as opposed to the BBW lotions which are very thick, and thus, take forever to absorb into my skin, or so it seems. I like the thickness for when I am getting out of the shower, but if I am applying and I have to be anywhere fast, I like the thinner consistency of a lotion like this. I know this will be a beach-bag essential for me here soon, mark my words.

Finally, the Body Glimmer Creme comes in a 5 ounce pump bottle, which I also like. In the package, it’s striped, between the regular moisturizing layer and the gel with a hint of shimmer. It absorbs into the skin very quickly and the shimmer, at least on me, is very faint. I feel comfortable saying that this is all-ages shimmer. A lot of shimmer lotions are just glitter, and thus horrendously awful on because it looks like you bathed in glitter. A lot of older people think that shimmer should be for the 21-and-under set. However, if there’s one thing I learned from my BBW experience, it’s that shimmer is universal, and I had almost as many people coming in asking about shimmer who were old enough to be my mum, as I had younger people. I personally like a good deal of shimmer, and that is one thing BBW lacks a lot of the time.

All in all, this is a fun scent for the summer. While I don’t feel it’s absolutely essential, unless you love citrus fragrances (like myself), it’s fun and if you can get it instore right now, dirt-cheap.


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