My MAC Friends & Family Stuff

1 July, 2009

Alrighty, my F&F order finally came and let me tell you, it was GREAT! Absolutely worth the two weeks of waiting I had to do, that’s for damn sure.

The items that I got? Three pro pans (Crystal, Cranberry, Coppering) plus Show Orchid lipstick, and an empty quad. While I do have a 15 pan palette, I also want a quad to have some essential shades to me, so I can cut down the amount of makeup I bring to the beach.

Let’s start out with Show Orchid, a lipstick so great it was a nationwide sell-out at Nordstrom, and probably everywhere. This is pure fuschia. No two ways around it. It is bright, and probably for many, unwearable. It is an amplified finish, meaning that you’re not getting shimmer, but it won’t dry your lips out like a matte would. Mattes are great for some brighter colours, but if you want total saturation you need an Amplified. This makes an impact-you will not be able to hide from anyone if you wear it. Right now I am wearing it with a fairly pink cheek (Estee Lauder Raspberry blush, Tippy on the apples of the cheek) and a subtle eye (Aquavert, Jones, Creme de Violet, and the Rose Romance quad) and it is the main impact, as it should be. Then I got my three pro pans. Crystal, I already had a stripe of in a palette, however it’s the kind of shadow that I want to have in pan form, as I take my pro palette everywhere while the Gem Eyes stays home. I absolutely love it for a more smokey eye, as well as for pastels and subtle looks. Especially when I am going job hunting, a shadow like Crystal is essential for any look.

Coppering is one I’ve known about for a long time, as a friend of mine used it as a liner. It’s a Veluxe Pearl, and a very rusty shade at that. It’s definitely a true copper, which is nice for being used as yes, a liner, but also for any look to amp it up. I put it on as a lower liner and it really makes the eyes stand out without adding a ton of product. It’s very hard to describe, to be honest, at least for me, but what I do know is that it is a good shadow for green eyes. It also is very similar to Royal Flush pigment (from the Colour Forms collection) so if you missed RF when it came out, you at least have a workable dupe.

Finally, I have Cranberry, which is a reddish plum, and swatched on hand, very similar to Plum Dressing, except this is frostier and redder, while PD has the purple to it. I also find that Plum Dressing, while pretty, is not the easiest shadow to use, as for a Veluxe Pearl it applies horribly. Cranberry, on the other hand, is a frost, and a very good frost at that. I find that there are three types of frosts. The first type is a shadow like Solar White, Nylon, or Pink Freeze. They apply relatively smoothly and are just all-around great. The second would be shadows like Goldmine or Angelcake, in that they are shadows that just apply like butter. The third has shadows like Going Bananas, Cool Heat, and so forth, in that they don’t apply smoothly at all. Cranberry definitely falls into the second group-it applies just like butter, and I love it to death. I highly recommend it.

So next time, when F&F comes around, I know that I am definitely getting a bunch of Pro Pans. I also will pick up a brush or two, as well as a couple lipsticks and so forth. It’s the best opportunity to pick up permanent items for CCO prices.


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