FOTD: Show Orchid (1 July 2009)

1 July, 2009

I finally got my Show Orchid…and I am loving it big-time. Figured, because I do love it, why not do a great look with this? It’s bright but still girly at the same time.


You need:
Eyes: Estee Lauder More than Mascara, Aquavert, Rose Blanc, Urban Decay Jones, Creme de Violet, Coppering, Seeds of Love, Contrast eyeshadows
Cheeks: Estee Lauder Pink Kiss blush
Lips: Show Orchid lipstick

Substitutions: Aquavert=Fresh Green Mix. Rose Blanc=Shroom. Seeds of Love=Paradisco.

Directions: After applying More than Mascara, use a brush of your choosing to apply Aquavert all over the lid. Use a 252 to apply Rose Blanc from the crease to the brow, and then use Jones in the crease for a bit of colour. Blend well. Use Seeds of Love for the outer crease and corner, with a touch of Creme de Violet in the outer corner as well. Line the bottom lid with Coppering using a 212 brush, and line the waterline with Contrast. Sweep a coat of Pink Kiss on the cheeks, and finish with two coats of Show Orchid on the lip.




2 Responses to “FOTD: Show Orchid (1 July 2009)”

  1. kristiy Says:

    oooh I am so going to get that lipstick!!

    • codekiki Says:

      It’s available permanently at the PRO stores, and you can get it anytime by calling the PRO hotline. I honestly recommend this though, this lipstick made Hollywood Nights and Girl About Town look wimpy. It takes a damn good lipstick to do that!

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