Euristocrats 2 Review-With Swatches

29 June, 2009

So I was downtown and happened to stop into Nordstrom-and they had Euristocrats 2 out to have fun with! Just my luck! They also had Graphic Garden out to pre-order, but that will be another post as I didn’t get to do swatches.

Overall, this is a collection that came just at the right time. As we’re going into summer, a new lipstick is always good to have, and these are great. There is honestly one thing between the lipsticks and the Dazzleglass that I would not get for myself-more on that later though. Most of the lipsticks are lustre-finish, so smooth-on, while the Dazzleglasses offer some very interesting variety.

Let’s start out with the lippies. Cockney is interesting because it is a red lustre. I do like some lustre lipsticks for the reason that you can get more of a sheer finish, and if you are too scared to try some of the reds like Russian Red, this may be a good one for you to dip your feet in the water, so to speak. It takes awhile to get acclimated to bright/dark lips, but anyone can do them. I find it is a warmer, more yellow-red, which I am a fan of. I definitely have this shortlisted.

Naked Paris is the one item from the collection that I would not get. It’s a very neutral colour-I would say a beige with plum undertones. This is one that would be good for a good amount of the population, especially those who do nude lips-but this is not one that I would even consider.

Milan Mode is a midtone pink lustre (sensing a pattern? I thought so) with silver sparkle, and this is one that I would also get. I see a lot of similarities to Sweet Thing from the Sugarsweet collection, although I find this to be a bit brighter and a bit more of a blue-pink. It would be a good colour for anyone who likes pinks, or people who are too scared to try brighter colours. This is one that I will be getting eventually, as it is just amazing.

Costa Chic is on the coral side, and it is the lone frost lipstick of the collection. This was the one I picked up because I like my coral lips, and this will satisfy. However-this has a LOT of pink to it. On my lips, it goes very pink. Think Vegas Volt but with more pink added. This is one that will require a lot of maintenance-it’s already settling into my lines-but I think this is the most wearable shade of the bunch. It’s absolutely perfect for summer and I could see myself using this up very fast.

Patisserie is a very interesting colour-it is another neutral, but it’s got a peach tone to it, in my opinion. While it isn’t essential for me, I can see this being a very popular colour. You will want to try it first yourself, though.

Saint Germain is back for the second time in four months, so if you happened to miss this the first time you have a second chance. It’s an Amplified finish lipstick, so you’re getting very saturated colour. In this case, we’re talking pale pink. Not bubblegum, and not Barbie, but pale. Not baby pink pale, either. I think this one will be wearable by people who are lighter-toned or people who plan to layer with it, because it is very intense and not everyone can pull off a pastel.

Finally, London Life is an interesting neutral-to me, it’s got some red tones to it. In a way, this is a lustre version of Oh Garnet, at least in my book, which is a neutral red. I don’t exactly need this right now, however this will be a nice winter colour for me.

Now onto the Dazzleglasses! I didn’t swatch/review Date Night because I already have it and it’s permanently available, so there is no need to rush-buy it. Via Veneto is the first DG I reviewed, and colour-wise, it is absolutely gorgeous. However, the thing with this is that it lacks pigmentation. If you were hoping for that lavender Cremesheen glass in Dazzleglass form, you’re not getting it. This is one that you would get mainly for the pearl-and for many people it will not be flattering. It will sell out, however this is not the automatic home-run I thought it would be.

Euro Beat is VERY similar to Smile, a perm DG. While I have not tried Smile yet (blasphemy, I know) this looks to be very similar to me, except a smidge darker. When I swatched it on my hand, it did turn up on the sheerer end though, which is something you may want to take into consideration. It’s definitely a positive and a negative for me, that’s for sure.

Rue de Rouge is nice, it’s like a happy medium between Glamour O.D. and Love Alert in that it is paler and warmer than LA, but darker than GO. If you have both of them, Rue de Rouge is very easily skippable. I rarely ever touch Love Alert or Glamour O.D., so for me Rue de Rouge would almost be a waste. It is quite pigmented, though.

Local Colour is a pale one, and I honestly don’t see too much special about it, except that the best pale Dazzleglass didn’t make it back into the permanent line, so this may be one to get. It’s very milky, and very dupeable. Not exactly something I’d rush-buy.

Finally, we have the two that will be permanent at MAC stores. First up is Roman Holiday. I had heard that this was absolutely hideous, so I went in with absolutely no expectations. What do you know…I am very pleasantly surprised! It is very pigmented, and it is a brown, so that may turn some people away. However it has pink pearl to it, which not many of the other Dazzleglasses have-so it has some visual appeal that at least helped turn me into a fan. The other one, Internationalist, is the big surprise for me of the collection. If it was brighter, it could be an effective replacement for Extra Amps for me. It’s extremely pigmented and packed with boatloads of glitter, which makes me a very happy camper. The colour, I would say, is lighter than Tropic Glow slimshine, so you’re getting a bit of brightness but at the same time, but it’s very universally wearable.

Items to buy now? Cockney, Milan Mode, Costa Chic, London Life, Internationalist, Euro Beat, Via Veneto

Items to try before you buy? Patisserie, Saint Germain, Rue de Rouge, Local Colour, Roman Holiday

Items to skip? Naked Paris

Euristocrats Dazzleglass: Roman Holiday, Euro Beat, Local Colour, Rue de Rouge, Internationalist, Via Veneto

Euristocrats Dazzleglass: Roman Holiday, Euro Beat, Local Colour, Rue de Rouge, Internationalist, Via Veneto

Cockney, Naked Paris, Milan Mode, Costa Chic, Patisserie, Saint Germain, London Life

Cockney, Naked Paris, Milan Mode, Costa Chic, Patisserie, Saint Germain, London Life

More swatches, this time under the Seattle sun.

More swatches, this time under the Seattle sun.


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