FOTD: Ocean Love Potion (28 June 09)

28 June, 2009

I originally was going to do a look like this on Friday, and it was inspired by the OPI polish of the same name, although the OPI is closer to Lancome’s Personal Style (I know because my 7th grade track sweatshirt got some of the colour on the logo, thank you very much). However, I didn’t end up photographing it as I went to the beach, and then, as I got on the computer this morning, I read that Billy Mays, one of my heroes, had passed away. So in a way, this look is dedicated to him, as one of his trademarks was the blue button-down shirt.


You need:
Eyes: Rose Blanc eyeshadow, Mutiny pigment, UD Peace eyeshadow, UD Electric liner, Reflects Blue glitter, Estee Lauder More than Mascara
Cheeks: Salsabelle CCB, Love Rock blush dio, Solar Riche bronzer
Lips: Sci-Fi-Delity lipstick, Fierce & Fabulous lipglassSubstitutions: Mutiny=Freshwater. Rose Blanc=Shroom. Salsabelle=Fabulush. Love Rock=Love Thing. Solar Riche=your bronzer of choice. Sci-Fi-Delity=”O”. Fierce & Fabulous=Funtabulous.

Directions: Apply Rose Blanc from the crease to the brow with a 252, and then apply Mutiny all over the lid with a 226 or similar brush. Use a 231 to apply Peace in the outer corner, and blend it well into the Mutiny. Apply Reflects Blue in the crease, and finish the eye with Electric as a lower liner. Sweep Salsabelle onto the cheekbone followed by Love Rock on the apple of the cheek, and then sweep Solar Riche over the cheeks and nose. Buff it all together to get that nice, finished look. Finish with a coat of Sci-Fi-Delity on the lips and top it with Fierce & Fabulous.




2 Responses to “FOTD: Ocean Love Potion (28 June 09)”

  1. Sloan Says:

    could you maybe take a pic with your lids relaxed, or closed? it’s hard to see what it looks like.


    • codekiki Says:

      I generally try to take some closed-lid pics for all my looks, but in this case it just happened that it would not cooperate. I will redo it here shortly, though.

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