REVIEW: MAC Gem Eyes Palette

27 June, 2009

This is a vintage product, however all of the shades in this palette are permanent, so this, I find, is still relatively relevant. You can get the shades from here in pro pan form for your 15-pan palette, or you can mix and match with other offerings in the product line.

Packaging-wise, this palette is amazing. It’s a blue-purple metallic case with the MAC logo on the front in crystals, complete with the handle of the brush matching the case. It also came with a velvet sleeve in order to protect it in your purse-it scratches up VERY easily. That’s one thing I wish they still did for the palettes is have a velvet sleeve, in order to protect it.

As far as the shadow selection, it’s a very well-edited palette that is a must for any lover of purple shadows-and this was pre-Veluxe Pearl, so you have Stars ‘n Rockets, Plum Dressing, Beautiful Iris, Satellite Dreams, and Star Violet that could have all worked in somewhere. The highlight shade in this, Seedy Pearl, is a pale pink/lavender that barely shows up at times on me, but is good for a nice, subtle colour for above the crease when you don’t want to go for a gold-tinged colour.Crystal is amazing-I am actually getting it in Pro Pan form. Colour-wise, it’s a greyish lavender that is a very good pale. Beautiful Iris is great for pastel looks and pure purples, while this is good for greys and smokey eyes as well as the purples. It’s also good for people who just like a little bit of colour on the lid, for a nice subtle wash.

Shale is definitely a very underrated shade, because it is very neutral, and thus most people will tend to skip over it (myself included). However, it is a beautiful shade because it is a low shimmer neutral purple. It would go amazingly in the crease or as an outer corner colour for a more subtle look, or as a lower liner for any look. It’s one of the shades I would actively recommend to my mum, who doesn’t want a ton of frost/shimmer/sheen, and who likes shades with a hint of purple to them.

Trax is one shade that anyone with green/hazel eyes should own-it’s a plummier Shale, with gold shimmer threaded throughout. It and Shale can be used interchangibly-it would be good with Crystal for a two-colour look, or to fit in as part of the smokey eye that this palette is intended to give.

Beauty Marked is the requisite dark/black shade in this palette-I would say it’s a blackened purple with red and gold pearl threaded throughout. I’m not a huge fan of black eyeshadows to be honest, however this is a great one that has something special to it, as opposed to Carbon which is a basic matte black. I rarely ever do a smokey eye however this is one shadow I can’t live without for that.

Finally, we have Parfait Amour, which is honestly the most unusual shade. If you have ever seen the label on a bottle of Parfait Amour (an alcoholic beverage), it’s that colour-a blue-purple. Very similar to the colour of the palette, except, I would say, it has more purple to it. I was talked out of this colour when I originally got my pro pans, and got Creme de Violet instead, which I regret big-time. It is a trickier colour to work with, however there is nothing similar in the regular line so this is definitely a colour I recommend, although it isn’t exactly rush-buy worthy in my book.

As far as the value goes, a palette like this would go from $35-$38. I paid about $40 on eBay for this, with shipping, so about retail. I would pay retail for a palette like this because it’s six colours that work really well for a wide variety of looks, as well as with the collection I already have. Plus, it’s the bars of shadow, not the squares, so you can’t depot it (not like you should anyways).

I give this a 5/5 for selection, value, packaging…it’s just amazing.


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