NEW: Urban Decay Eye Ink

27 June, 2009

So yesterday, being a friend of Urban Decay on Facebook, I got a message about the new eye product they are coming out with: Eye Ink! This is a cream liner, which excites me greatly. I haven’t tried their liquid liners, but I tend to prefer gel ones especially for my waterliner. It comes in a long, narrow container, and I have to say: the packaging? GENIUS. It’s a two-well container, one has the gel liner and the other has a dual-ended brush. Now while I don’t normally condone using brushes that are included with palettes, this looks mighty appealing to me. One end is a sponge-tip applicator, which is good for smudging. The other end is a slanted brush, perfect for getting that nice, fine line. I tend to prefer my 210 for gel liner, as I don’t have a slanted brush, however I may have to give this a try. To top it all off, there is a mirror, which is very handy to have so you don’t have to fiddle with multiple things. This makes it simpler for us.Colour-wise, the selection is fairly basic. You have your navy, your black, and your brown, but you also have a hunter green and a purple. Finally, there’s Pyrotechnics, which is a clear with iridescent glitter. From the looks of the swatches, these look mighty intense.

Package wise, you are getting less than MAC’s Fluidlines. The Fluidlines are $15 for 3 grams, or .1 ounce, while these look to be .09 or .08 ounce from the blurry package. However, with this, you get the mirror and everything, plus it’s a lot more convenient. I have had decent Fluidline staying power, however I have heard stories of it not exactly behaving on oily lids.

Click below for two pictures:


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