LOOK: Culturebloom (24 June 09)

24 June, 2009

So in a fit of boredom, I decided to look up some old face charts, and this is the one I decided to dupe. When I look at old face charts, I look at what I have in my collection that could duplicate the items. I may not have a large collection, but I can make it work.

The original chart:
Eyes: Clear brow gel, Overgrown shadow, Love Bud shadow, Spring Up eyeshadow, Zoomblack mascara
Cheeks: Blossoming blushcreme
Lips: Smoothberry Cremestick Liner, Poppy Hop lipstick, Petal Pusher Lustreglass


My look:
Eyes: Fresh Green Mix eyeshadow, Angelcake eyeshadow, Bright Future eyeshadow, VS High Definition mascara
Cheeks: Salsabelle CCB, Tippy BPB
Lips: Pleasure Principle Dazzleglass, Love Alert DazzleglassSubstitutions: Angelcake=Pink Freeze (this look only). Bright Future=Golden Lemon. Salsabelle=Fabulush. Tippy=Pink Swoon. Pleasure Principle=Extra Amps.

Directions: Take a 217 and apply Angelcake right underneath the brow. Then take a shadow brush and apply Fresh Green Mix all over the eye lid, and then use a blending brush to blend into the crease. Use the same sort of brush to blend Bright Future into the inner crease, and then blend all the edges. Use a 219 or similar pencil brush to line the lower lid with Fresh Green Mix and extend the line up to the outer corner. Blend the outer edges, to soften it up a bit. Using a brush of your choice or your fingers, apply Salsabelle along the cheekbone and Tippy on the apple of the cheeks. Finish up by a coat of Pleasure Principle on the lips, topped with Love Alert on the lower lip. Press lips together, and voila.



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