DuWop Presents: Twilight Cosmetics

24 June, 2009

Yes, we’re talking about the (craptastic, IMO) book/movie series. DuWop, the makers of the famed Lip Venom lip plumper, is going to be launching their new Twilight-inspired line in July. Just from the stills of the movie, I expect shimmer powders (for the “sparkling” complexion), dark eye makeup, and so forth.

The first item in the line is Lip Venom V-which is a shake-to-mix type of thing. It looks like there’s a red lip stain (blood red) suspended in a clear lip conditioner, and you shake them in order to get that perfect blood red. Now while I hate anything and everything Twilight, the product itself looks pretty darned good.Grazia’s website has more information. Some are saying that this will launch on the first of July, while others say by the end of the year. I’d put my money on the cosmetic line being by the end of the year, however. This will retail for $16, which looks to be a pretty darned good deal.


One Response to “DuWop Presents: Twilight Cosmetics”

  1. Vampire Says:

    Vamp cosmetics own twilight. Meyers will get sued again

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